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  • Hi, I would like to join your tribal fusion and ATS group! I am learning in London. Not professional, still learning, but I had two solo shows in events in London so far...
    We are one of leading producer of Belly Dance Costumes in China. Nothing is glued on your outfits! Everything is sewn by hand by our professional dressmaker in Xinjiang China. Sewing the bead and stones takes more time, effects and skill than gluing. You won't worry about the beads or stones falling off during your belly dance performance and you will be free to perform
    All of the costumes can be specifically order to your measurement.
    100% hand made in Xinjiang, China by our professional dressmakers.
    If you have any need, please feel free to contact us.
    My favorite yoga asanas are ones that help for spinal flexibility & balance...such as: cobra, camel, bow, spinal twist, tree, warrior & dancer poses, etc. Lotus, Child & Corpse are my favorite relaxing asanas. I practice hand mudras in sitting position, that I learn from my Bharatanatyam teacher...been studying this dance formally for a year. Yoga in general, I have been practicing since I was a teenager. I am looking into getting "certification" for teaching yoga this coming year...though I would be wanting to advance into vinyasa/movement yoga to use more for dance...and bikram...when I am ready to sweat that much! How about you?...And you are from Slovakia? How is it there?
    I practice Hatha/Kundalini Yoga as daily exercise and Bharatanatyam, a Classical Indian Dance using mudras, yoga postures & movements together to tell stories.
    hi. u are welcome to honey it's proud for me as well to be friends
    and thanks a million from Egypt
    best regards
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