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  • Do you know of anything that could be placed underneath Thia fingernails? Some of the girls in my troupe are allergic and find they are cutting their skin.
    Ough my... what a blind person I am!! :) I just found your PM that you sent me some time ago.. :S I am sorry about the misunderstanding, I promise to write you back very soon.. :) Kisses
    Ough... no, I did not... :((( I thought you did not have time to write me... what a shame... :( could you write again, please?? :))) Btw, I wish you a happy week... :))
    Well, I think cobra, camel and the others you listed are great for flexibility... (I have some problems with doing the camel properly though) and I would like to add the modified wheel pose which is one of my favourites and which is a part of my daily yoga routine. :) Besides that I love meditation which helps me to overcome everyday stress and for this I mostly use the butterfly pose. :) Btw, do you also practice everyday? :) Ough, I see you would like to be a yoga teacher... well, respect!!! :) I am not doing this stuff for such a long time as to be confident enough to teach others... you said you practiced since you were a teenager... you have it in your family? Or what was the reason why you took up yoga? As for me it was basically medical reasons, I have been having problems with my spine since I was born and yoga helps me a lot with the pain and so on... and I somehow became addicted. :) When I wanted to start it was not really easy to find classes in Slovakia. Now it is better, which is great. You can find yoga centres in every larger city, so I was lucky to find an incredible teacher. :) I am so happy to see yoga becoming so mainstream in Slovakia, cause in the past it was more like a privilege of wealthy people... or something that was popular mostly in US. :)
    Gosh!!! :) Seems we have more in common than I thought! :) I also practice Hatha Yoga and besides also Power Yoga...just to keep myself fit. :) LOL I LOOOVE it.. :) Btw, do you also teach Yoga? How long have you been doing it? Your fave pose? Sorry about asking so many questions, but I am really excited to talk to a person like you. :)
    Thanks for the friend request. Nice pic of the thai fingernails. Our troupe is just starting to work with them for a choreography.
    Yep, the Tribal Fusion community is not very big yet.. :) always amazing to meet someone who shares the same "passion" I have.. :) LOL Btw, I see you also practise yoga!! That is perfect!! :) What yoga style do you do?
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