Costumes and Accessories for sale


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Hi folks...having been unable to find any dancers or dancing happening in my part of Scotland, I'm selling off some of my stuff.
I have a number of hip scarves, bindis and a couple of costumes that I'm hoping to move. Will update the thread as I take pictures, but here's the first one up...

Dahlal Ancient Reflections, worn twice. it's very odd, i had it wrapped and stored to prevent tarnishing, and that worked for the most part, there are just a couple medallions that did tarnish slightly regardless, so selling for $300 US + shipping.



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Shanazzy! I come in and lurk around occasionally but haven't had the time to get back into posting much.

I'm studying in Scotland now but there's no dance happening here...and the university dance society's version of raqs would make your blood curdle =/


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I don't need curdled blood. Pretty different place you're living now than the islands of home. Are you enjoying it?