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  • Sorry to hear about your class problems. I do hope that it works out for you and that you will be able to continue learning in some fashion.
    Hi love! Yeah! I am so glad you got the zills and like them! I actually have 2 sets of Afganis and somehow randomly ended up with that third set. I am very happy that you now have them! Stay safe out there in OK and play lots!

    Hey, sweetie. I was gone most of the day- first bike ride of the year!!!! I should be home Tuesday and Wednesday during the day except for some errands around noon. I have a rehearsal Wednesday night about 5:00. I'll see if I can figure out how to skype you but this is all very strange to me. :)
    hi please please im turnig up crazy for theses drums...do you know the name? please help me !! i write the girl of the video but i dont give responde from her
    belly dance Ho Lan - drum solo - YouTube
    Aw, thank you Farasha, your words mean a lot. It's okay, though, I wasn't even that insulted, ignorant people will always be ignorant unless they decide that ignorance is not good for them, so yeah.
    Yes - I think you are right. But I can't help myself - I keep hoping that a little will sink in.
    You're welcome! I actually have a technical question about the website now that I think about it, though...maybe you could help me since you've been here longer than I have. How do you tell when you've gotten repped? Is your profile supposed to notify when you get reputation and who gives it?
    Hi Farasha. Thanks for dropping by and liking my post. Love the color of your costume! One of my favorites.
    Farasha, what a lovely compliment you gave me in the rep section. Thank you! The sentiment is returned in good measure.
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