World Belly Dance Day 2010


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Hallo everyone!

World Belly Dance Day is coming closer, it almost feels like new years!! In a couple of hours we shimmy the world!!

Its a short notice, but would you consider as part of your celebrations to record a little video message, not more than 1 min long wishing everyone Happy World Belly Dance Day?

Upload it to youTube naming and tagging it World Belly Dance Day and your location and/or school/ group and year.

The new site is getting ready to be launched so the video greetings will come in handy!

Best of luck and Many happy shimmies!!!!

PS Check out greeting from Taiwan, isnt it awesome?


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HAPPY WORLD BELLYDANCE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm trying to get down to a few workshops but might try choeograhic again.


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World Belly Dance Day near Preston N.W.England


A photos of WBDD 2010 NW England.Hafla organised by this lady above: Anne Kingston, one of favourite inspirations:clap:


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Oh my word, those bras! I almost spewed water all across my desk and computer. Cheeky indeed! :clap::lol::lol: