SATURDAY Sept. 29th - Karma Cafe Community Show/Ha


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Hello All -

I have some friends who own a cute Bubble Tea/Coffee place on 82nd Street called Karma Cafe. It is a very nice all ages, non-smoking family friendly place. The want to try a monthly Bellydance event and asked me to coordinate it. It is a non-paying gig so I am asking you to perform and I completely understand if you say "NO" (ideally as we should be paid for what we do), I am also asking for your students and student troupes who are ready to perform, this place is an ideal way to start out.

The Show is from 9-11pm and is at Karma Cafe 115 SE 82nd Ave, Portland OR 97216
Student Soloists have up to 4 minutes, Experienced Soloists have 6 Minutes and Groups have 10 Minutes
Music must be Burned on to a CDR please
Performers (Student are taken with a teacher recommendation) on a first come first served basis
There is one bathroom there so please come dressed and ready to perform (as much as possible)
I envision this event to be a fun supportive environment, balance of teachers who want to bring their students in to perform and local pros/hobbyists/seasoned vets who want to try out new material or who want to dance for fun that night and students who are ready to try out soloing for the first time and it is open to underage performers as well.

The owners are very open to the avante garde bellydance fusion styles as well as the traditional styles. However, live animals and fire is not permitted; with the exception of candles and the music must be rated PG as children will be in attendance at the show.

The first show will have to be to canned music as they do not have a stage, lights or set-up for drummers. However if there is a live drummer or drummers who want to come in and play for dancers that is fine as well.

Please let me know if you are interested in oerfiming and/or have students who would like to participate.