Orientalicious BD party in Amsterdam!


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Saturday 30th of January 2010

Aisa Lafour & ZoukLovers present

Bellydance Party

Attention, location changed!!
The bellydance event will be at 2 Dance 4
(Uitgaanscentrum van Galen) in Amsterdam

Showteam Audition
(by Amarin Bellydance team, by Aisa Lafour)
In this audition you can apply for a place in the AMARIN Bellydance Team, by Aisa Lafour. You learn a bellydance combination which you will perform in different formations and groups. The participant shows her own choreography of max. 3 minutes. We guarantee 6 to 10 shows a year.


Dinner Buffet


All levels workshop by Khalida (award winning bellydancer)
Khalida will teach Shimmy's, Pops/ Locks and Undulations. The workshop is for dancers of ALL LEVELS.
For more info about Khalida check: www.khalida.biz

Only a few places left!!

Party Time!!
Dj Omar!
Live Arabic Percussion by "1001 nights" band!


* Open Stage performance
Do you want to perform? We offer you a stage and a public. The open stage is for all Bellydancers who like to perform. The show can be max 5 minutes. Please subscribe soon because there are limited places.

FULL FULL FULL!! No more subscribes possible
Candidates: Aida Ibragirnova. Loretta Kleefstra. Mena Leïla Showteam. Snezhanna Lucheninova. Olesea Mitchevici. Jumy Oei. Franka Ramaker. Barbara Renfurm. Aletta Rep. Nasje Sewgobind. Manolya Sloot

* Shows by Khalida, Aisa Lafour and "Amarin" Bellydance team


* The Bellydanceshop Scarabella will be selling beautifull Bellydance accessories check the collection on
Welkom! - Scarabella webwinkel - Hét label voor buikdanskleding!

* Henna Paint by HAND OF FATIMA
HENNA-ART by the hand of Fatima - Welkom

* Beautifull dancewear by Brasildance Fitnesswear
Site title - Home

* Bellydance Saray speciale zaak

Belly Dance Saray

* Elegant dance 'pumps' for Bellydancers
* Jamila's tea and sweets
* Shisha

Audition: Free
Workshops: 25 euro
Party: 10 euro
Workshop + Party: 32,50 euro

Uitgaanscentrum van Galen
Jan van Galenstraat 24
1051 KM Amsterdam

To subscribe for workshops/ audition / tickets click HERE!
Openstage: FULL FULL FULL!!

Workshop Khalida: Only a few places left!!