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Actually, I didn't notice anything wrong with your hands.
But I noticed two things that I really liked:
- the level changes - you were like a dancing skyscraper and you managed to dance on every floor (yeah, I am good at giving very odd compliments :rolleyes:)
- and the very cute pull-the-rope thing at your drum solo. Very original :clap:


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Thanks so much! I've been working on my balance and leg strength, which makes the level changes so much easier. Balance is still an issue to for the traveling steps tho, especially when I'm nervous. And the rope thingie: That is one of the Aziza-inspired moves I included here :) She had us do this in a shimmy workshop and I thought it was super cute!


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I've just added 2 new videoclips to my youtube channel from a performance in June, feel free to check them out here:

It's a short intro with veil to Leila Sukara and a Drum solo from a different CD.
YouTube - Khalida Bellydance - June 2008
YouTube - Khalida Bellydance Drumsolo - June 2008

Eta: I'm not too happy with the arms and hands in these clips, they kind of do their own thing now and then ;) But the lighting and stage was lovely.

It is cute! Do not worry. You try your best.:dance:

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Bravo!! Well Done.
Simply loved your costume .
What material was your veil. Was it different tones as well. It flowed just lovely.
And ditto for the rope pull. Awesome!! (can I use it)
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