New instructional DVDs! Shimmies and Isis wings with Khalida


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Hello all,

Hope this is the right place to post this, I am very proud and excited about announcing the release of my brand-new 2 instructional DVDs 'Shimmies with Khalida' and 'Isis wings with Khalida'.

The official release date is 15th of August, but both DVDs are already available for international pre-sales on my homepage (Khalida Dance | Shop)

Check out the sneak preview videos here!

‪New instructional DVD - Shimmies with Khalida!‬‏ - YouTube

‪New instructional DVD - Isis Wings with Khalida!‬‏ - YouTube

Yay :D If there are any questions about them just let me know

xx Khalida


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Congratulations Khalida :)
Its nice to meet you here
I`ll shared you DVD with my friends and costumers!
You are great dancer and very beautifull woman:clap:


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Thank you all! Just downloaded and tested the final versions of the DVD content and sent it to the printers after okaying them. Super exciting!


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update :) just posted this on bhuz and thought it might be interesting for you guys as well, here is the content run-down with times!

Whoop, sent off both the shimmy and isis wings DVD contents and cover art to the printer company today, super exciting!

The main content timing for the shimmies DVD will be as follows:

Introduction: 1.21
Posture and warmup
Posture explanation: 01:42
Warmup to music: 05:05
Conditioning and stretches
Squats conditioning: 04:37
Standing stretches: 03:51
Seated shimmy drill: 05:57
Seated stretches: 04:16
Technique and exercises
Basic hip shimmy: 07:11
Egyptian shimmy: 06:45
Shiver shimmy/freeze:03:52
African shimmy/bounce: 01:28
Shoulder shimmy and hip twist: 05:16
Choochoo shimmy: 02:41
3/4 shimmy 'up': 03:38
3/4 shimmy 'down' 05:49
Extended shimmy drill: 21:09
Cool down: 04:38
Stretches: 09:24

+ Special features including 2 performances (one with Issam! woo!) and an interview

And for the wings DVD

Introduction: 00:45
Concepts: 01:17
Posture and warmup
Posture: 01:27
Warm-up: 03:48
Upper body stretches: 03:55
Working with the wings
Putting the wings on + arm positions: 02:46
Discarding the wings: 01:15
Technique and combinations
Intros and poses: toga and envelope: 03:19
Intros and poses: mezdulene and majidah: 01:43
Intros and poses: hiding the wings: 02:18
Transitions and turns: turning tips: 05:22
Turn combination I: Lunge and 3-step: 04:01
Turn combination I: Kicks and chainés: 07:45
Spins and crescendos: Woosh and flip: 05:19
Spins and crescendos: Spinning variations: 06:00
Spins and crescendos: Barrel turns - technique: 04:28
Spins and crescendos: Barrel turns - with wings: 02:48
Freestyle dance-along: 07:49
Duo combinations
Mirroring and parallel: 05:37
Shadowing: 03:07
Back to back: 03:43
Stop and drop: 02:13
Cooldown: 05:16

+ Special features including 2 performances with wings :)

And a sneak preview of the covers :)


I like the way it's filmed with the mirror like that, how was that done? A simple background makes such a difference :). Btw are those costumes Bella's? They are beautiful!


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Hi there, thank you! The mirror was assembled especially for the shoot, so it's real :D but they used some trickery with the light and background editing on the right side to hide the wooden 'foot' that is holding it up from the back. So a half-magic mirror so to speak ;)

The wings costume on the cover is from Eman, the one from the performance with wings is from Asi of Israel. The shimmies costume on the cover is a Bella from 2007 and the costume from the duet with Issam is from Oranit of Israel (I went a bit shopping crazy at Orits festival in Eilat this year :lol:)


The magic mirror trick and all the white around it makes it much easier to watch your movements because you stand out more against the background. It makes such a difference.
That Eilat Festival must have been great, I have seen some youtube clips and they got very good dancers.
Is Oranit a new costume designer? I have never heard of her before, love the costumes! Didn't know Asi made costumes as well. How beautiful is this one:

I love the color!


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Oranit has been around for a while, but she does not advertise much outside of Israel. She is very easy to work with though, a friend of mine placed an order with her via Facebook and got the costume 3 weeks later!

She's on FB as Oranit Kagan

And yes, I totally love Asi's designs, and the Eilat festival is fabulous!!


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Quick update: the DVDs are here!!! :D

Sent off the first pre-sales shipment yesterday (poor post man, lol) and more will follow today. Already 91 DVDs are sold uptill now, and the official release date (15th of August) hasn't even been reached yet.. I'm over the moon!

Here they are, waiting to be sent off to their new homes :yay:



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Thanks for sharing the review Safran. Sounds like a good dvd. I have danced a lot woth wings and even performed and competed but seriously, I don't think I'm that good with them. This goes on my birthday wish list.