Name something you bought this week!


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Yes, what color Farasha?

I understand about the wind Shanazel. I've found that putting the wind behind the parasol not only keeps its from being destroyed it protects my hairdo. Bonus. :D

Ariadne, that parasol is "Bitchin'"!! Much bigger than mine.
Thanks! What kind do you have?
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Thanks! What kind do you have?
Mine's one I bought from RetroScope fashions for my "Brolita" outfit. Very pretty, but not as big as yours. I think I posted this picture before, but here's the outfit with parasol from a couple of years ago...



I just bought myself a new phone (currently playing with it right now). The old one was broken and held together with a piece of sticky tape. It has lasted since 2008 iirc, and was already considered old when I got it in 2012.


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I bought a long ride to Santa Fe and back with massages and entry fee to Great Sand Dunes National Park along the way. :)