Help making a gwahzee coat from a princess style dress

Hi I have an old princess style front buttoned velvet dress... I could use some advice on how to change it into a gwahzee coat... only thing I need it by this weekend. Nothing like planning:rolleyes: The dress is button down has long sleeves and a scoop neck. I'm thinking what I need to do is cut down the neck and open up the sleeves to about the elbow... Any advice greatly appreciated on best ways to do this and then some quick trimming advice on how to make not look like an old dress turned into a gwahzee coat. Thanks Creaks
Gwahezee coat finished YAY!

Hi Cheart99 and Mya here is the coat along with the tiered skirt. Still doing some tweaking on the fit...
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gwahzee coat

:redface: thank you ...:) but i am old... it's just the portrait behind the sofa that's getting older looking. and you should have heard my ankles and knees in class this morning... :lol:
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Awesome costume, you look gorgeous!!!!! Love it love it love it!!! Have lots of fun dancing!!!!

Mya, thank you for the link, that dress is stunning!!!
gwahzee coat

Noooooo not a red hat... they made us eccentric old lady types respectable. Ruined purple and red combos, one of my favorites(especially after a stuffy old art teacher said they were bad and just never to be mixed:lol:) firmly will hold on to my groucho marx reasoning about the red hat ladies. so respectable that they rode on a town float for St. Patrick's Day Parade. :rolleyes:


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I also resent the Red Hat League's usurption of one of my favorite color combinations. They took it from glorious to trite, no doubt with the best intentions in the world. The road to hell and all that...


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wooow! you made it yourself?! you look so good! :) and btw, i dont know where do you take all these ideas from :p give me some :cool:
Gwahzee coat

Hi Sariola, thank you. The coat was from an old dress I had... I realized just how old when I saw how often it appeared in family albums. A princess style cut has similiar lines to a gwazhee and turkish coats... so Mya sent me a site and I looked at the picture. Then from the pictures I studied the lines of it.;luckily they had a back and side view. The I held my breathe wished myself luck and took a scissors to it. I don't use bought patterns cause they never make sense to me - I do use paper grocery bags. For ideas history books old fashion books,museum trips, and (also I'm an insomniac so I do a lot of creative visualizing to get to sleep) some time the material talks to me you know like sculptors say the piece of marble has the sculpture trapped in and they just chisel away what isn't the sculpture. then I try to sketch the idea to see how it breaks down to get the pattern pieces. Then look around to see if I have anything like those patterns that I can really look at to make the patterns. I mad the skirt which is one of those yeah this sounds easy no problem sort of thing - yeah right! Easy but really really finicky. Also check out costume making sites, dance costume sites I do... and usually the one I love the best isn't anywhere near my budget so I figure out how to make a copy. Hope this helps with where to find ideas. Creaks