Fantasia festival


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Got back from Fantasia festival this Monday and I really had an excellent time! I taught two workshops: one on Isis wings on Saturday, which was a bit of a challenge space-wise (17 sets of wings in action!), but we managed okay I think. The workshop on Sunday was just awesome! We shimmied, laughed and danced for an hour and a half, but that was just a warm-up compared to Suraiya's high-energy saidi workshop I took after :D

The evening show went well, I saw no hiccups or snafus except for one song taking a bit to start near the beginning.. Did not get to see everyone's performance unfortunately, but enjoyed the ones I did. Will be ordering the DVD later to catch up on the ones I missed!

A big big thanks to the organizational team, my roomie Suraiya :cool: AND of course to all the students, fellow teachers and performers I saw at the event. I already miss you all ;)

PS: The only thing they should warn about more is the souk. It's a very very very dangerous place :shok: Especially the rack with Eman's and the glitter makeup! My creditcard is still hurting..
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