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  1. alosha

    Zils, Bindis, makeup and costuming (and an iphone)

    Yard Sale Album on Facebook I need to raise money to pay off debt. Comment on the photos if you're interested!
  2. alosha

    Happy Birthday Gia!!

    Hope it's a good one!
  3. alosha

    My veils in action!

    This troupe order was so much fun! Ananke was so great to work with. n3QRHdb0HH4
  4. alosha

    Contest Time!

    Details here: Work Of Art Creations: Contest Time | Facebook I'm going to do one veil for OD entries, and one for FaceBook entries. That's two chances to win! Lets do some good people! (Open internationally :D)
  5. alosha

    10 Yard Skirt Tutorial

    bwkOsAVGD7A Dm3SFGZdA7I Whaddaya think????
  6. alosha

    Costume Catalogs

    Is dahlal the only one who sends out catalogs? If not, please tell me who! I want inspiration!
  7. alosha

    Eeek! Work Of Art Creations at Fashionation!

    I have the opportunity of being a designer in a charity fashion show on March 6th! EEK! I still need a few more models if anyone is interested. Have to be able to be in Oregon on March 6th. Specifically, The Dalles. :D
  8. alosha

    Aziza's Arms, hands, and poses DVD

    Since arms and hands are a big area I need to work on, I was thinking this video sounds promising. Anyone have it? Aziza
  9. alosha

    Caring for Silk Veils

    I've had a lot of questions lately about getting deep wrinkles out of silk veils, so I just thought I'd throw my two-cents out there. The best way I've found to do it without any special fancy-schmancy equipment is to iron the veil when it's damp on a medium setting. Just wanted to share!
  10. alosha

    Bra-making question

    Searched and searched, but to no avail. How in the heck do I go about changing the top line of a costume bra? Do I just cut into it with the new shape then reinforce with fabric or such? The bras I have to buy to use as bases are VERY full coverage, and I'd like to be able to change that a...
  11. alosha

    Whine, whine, snivel, snivel...

    Its just not fair. I have not the time nor the finances to take the classes I need to be the dancer I want to be. I don't have the time or the finances to make the costume of my dreams. I have stretch marks and pimples. And an unfinished tattoo. Poor me. Ok. Time to put my big-girl...
  12. alosha

    Tasteful Seven Veils

    Need some clips of well-danced seven veils routines. I would like to do one, and want to stay as far away from the strip-tease aspect as possible. Thanks!
  13. alosha

    Feeling VERY unobservant

    for all the time I spend on this forum, why is it I just NOW noticed the "new posts" link. That would have saved me SO much time, as I was going through each forum looking for new/active posts. *face-palm*
  14. alosha

    Help me find a video? Please??

    When I switched my youtube channels and deleted the old one, I never re-favorited! And there's a video I really want to watch. I can't remember who the dancer is, and I can't get it out of my mind! She's dancing live to Immortal Egypt, outside, and it's windy. I know that the song is...
  15. alosha

    Happy Birthday Eden!

    Here's some cake! :D
  16. alosha

    "Parvathanma" by Sweet Bee

    I need the lyrics! The song is on the album "Frequent Flyer: Barcelona" Any help would be great!
  17. alosha

    ...Dancers who have purchased items from me

    I need feedback! Was the service what you had hoped for? Was the veil/skirt what you had hoped for? Would you suggest anything be changed? Would you buy again? Refer a friend? I just want to be sure I'm giving my customers the best! Feedback will be confidential, or published on the...
  18. alosha

    Prototype for my new skirt

    I call it the Dragonfly skirt. I had some issues with the hemming, but that's why you do a prototype, right? Whaddaya think?
  19. alosha

    Website questions

    I know there is a way to see how many hits your site is getting, and to see who has linked to it. But how????
  20. alosha

    What makes a costume ______?

    What makes it Egyptian? Or Turkish? Or AmCab? Are there certain style factors? Shape? Type of beading? I've spent so much time figuring out the Tribal costuming styles, I want to learn the traits of other styles!