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  1. Sita

    Any good cures for insomnia?

    I've tried everything I can think of I even had strong sleeping pills from the doctor, but they only worked once or twice and then I seemed to become immune:( Sita
  2. Sita

    Happy Birthday Reen.Blom!!!

    :dance:Wishing you joyous day :dance: :yay: with many dancing banana's:yay: Sita:yay:
  3. Sita

    Happy Birthday Gisela!!!

    :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance: Hope you have a wonderful day! Sita :dance::dance::dance::dance:
  4. Sita


    I've just come across this dancer Dilek performing a Chiftetelli and romani dance: pb8YfTVwhWI 7zz_nVtyCrM Has anyone come across her before? Sita
  5. Sita

    Happy Birthday Mosaic!!

    :dance:May your special day be bright, joyous and full of yummy cake!!:dance:
  6. Sita

    Ghana Coffin Art

    Ghanaian Coffin Art VxcyWFCCTvo I just love the whole idea of it:dance: I think it's a wonderful way to remember to celebrate someone's life rather than just mourn it. I think the lion one is just incredible. Some examples: Sita P.S.The programme also has a look at Maori tattooing.
  7. Sita

    Floods in Istanbul and Turkey

    IHNqa7MoMhI Al Jazeera English - Europe - Deadly flash floods hit Istanbul :pray: all my prayers to such a wonderful city, country and it's people:pray: Sita
  8. Sita

    Didem interview

    Here is a translation of a Turkish interview with Didem posted on I'm Under Protection Courtesy of Mr. Tatlises Didem, known by many as the belly dancer of Ibo Show, raised much curiosity due to the talk-ban issued on her by Ibrahim Tatlises. Widely known by her smile while...
  9. Sita

    Bellydance interviews

    I discovered a bellydance News blog Dance Newsby a Swedish based dancer called Siryn that has some great interviews on such as Dina: Daring, Debauched or simply Delightful? Dance News: Dina: Daring, Debauched or simply Delightful? She also has other interviews with Liza Laziza, Keti Shariff and...
  10. Sita

    Clarification on Bans/Post Removal

    I didn't see the message but I did notice a banned person was able to log in, is that still possible once you've been banned - or do we have a glitch? Sita
  11. Sita

    Regional Accents??

    This is just pure curiosity (inspired from an article), but I was wondering if there were slight recognisable regional differences between belly dancers from the same country, such as Egypt or Turkey. I know it is not easy as each dancer tends to have their own styles but I wondered if there was...
  12. Sita

    Classic Turkish Bellydancer Kudret Sandra

    Thought everyone would be interested in this: it's two clips of Kudret Sandra (Sandrali). i don't know anything about him, perhaps some of our Turkish dancer's do, but the caption says he taught other famous dancers like Prenses Banu. Nice singing voice as well.:D QXYY-i5oRKU XiBjnY1pKBQ Sita
  13. Sita

    old Footage of Turkish dancers

    Some classic footage of Turkish dancers, interesting to see how the dance has evolved there.:D (pretty much thanks to Oryantaloz on youtube) Nesrin Topkapi ccdKukcGE08 Inci Birol cTjg_LeFBqg Ozcen Tekgul 0wBis15lQRo Aysel Tanju d_yQtDHXaZg Nergis Mogol , 1954 3ROra-QAATk Kudret Sandra...
  14. Sita

    UK: Stopping culture at our borders (petition)

    In case you have not heard: Please read the collection of information below. I hope afterwards you will be willing to sign the Visiting Artists and Academics Petition or send a direct e-mail. This effects all non-european visiting artists including American and Canadian artists. A Canadian...
  15. Sita

    Jordan, fusion & Rania Kamhawi

    It's not belly dance but I thought I would post this show here. It features Jordanian ballet/modern dancer Rania Kamhawi.The clip shows examples of her fusions of ballet with folkloric dances such as debke. So for once we can have a Middle Eastern fusion and secondly instead of bellydance being...
  16. Sita

    Dandash 'Manga' Routine

    Hi All, Well somebody sent me this great clip and although I'm sure a lot of you have come across it on Utube for those that haven't - ENJOY!!!:dance: Dandash, who is one of my fav dancers, imitates the famous dancers such as Samia Gamal and Suheir Zaki. 7wEDPrteTjo Sita
  17. Sita

    Translation needed plz

    Okay I came accross this video of Natacha Atlas performing this song I've never heard of before called Georgy Cloony can anyone translate as I'm very curious particulalry with the laughing in the background....or even just a general idea I knows it far from great quality :) fH_rX8-9Qxc Thanks Sita
  18. Sita

    East Anglian Natacha Atlas Concert...

    I am completly confused on where this thread should go I first thought BD Events then realised it's not actually belly dance per se so I choose here plz move if needed.. Anyway just letting people who live in East Anglia and aroundabout - there is a Natacha Atlas & Mazeeka Ensemble...
  19. Sita

    Snake Arms?

    Hi all I have been wondering where does this move (snake arms) originate from? For many people (mainly I think non-belly dancers) this move is recognised and greatly assosiated with belly dance - almost to the point that one could claim that to some it is part of a sterotype movement/image of...
  20. Sita

    In Our Time: 1001 Nights/ Arabian Nights

    Hi All, My literature tutor posted a link and recommended this radio programe In Our Time described as 'a wonderful compendium of discussions about the history of ideas' from Radio BBC 4 on the 1001 Nights/ Arabian Night. I thought some of you may be intrested so I thought I'd pass it on to you...