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  1. masrawy

    Dr Pepper secret recipe .. I got it!!

    Hello all, Actually, I have managed to make a potion, it dose not cure cancer nor it is Dr Pepper recipe, I lied. It's what everybody is after over here. The Middle East essence & culture specially formulated for belly dance. I already have done animals testing and right now I have in my...
  2. masrawy


    What do you think did the forum went underground and became more of private messaging board instead of an open forum?? It seems most of activities now is carried through PM ... it feels like "Gourfat el 3alaliat" for preparing for attack and counter attack for the final take over and declare...
  3. masrawy

    Would you marry me .. ?!? Only for ladies

    Ladies, as belly dancers, some of you might have visited Egypt or some other arab cuntries or may be in the Egyptian hang out in the town. I am sure as beautiful as you all are You must have got this question popped up sometime from adoring fan. Would you marry me?? Let's assume you're...
  4. masrawy

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year of the Ox Dear Friends! Good health to you, your relatives and friends! Success in dance and learning! Greater love to all!Let the world crisis dose not affect you! :)
  5. masrawy

    Fact or fiction......

    Hello , Here is an article from the New York Times, which is considered to be the golden standard media outlet to some. A Holocaust story that turned out to be a hoax It makes...
  6. masrawy

    the Jews

    Here is an article from Al Jazeera to recent Israeli attack on Gaza strip it is estimated 200 killed so far mainly women and children, the New York Times estimates is 140. The White House blame the Palestinian for the attack and asked them to stop. :lol: Al Jazeera English - Middle East -...
  7. masrawy

    goodby ..

    Goodby, we'll miss you .... EmaBhHJbbes&feature=related :lol: :lol:
  8. masrawy

    I am in love !!

    I am in love !! and will never be with my love because she is a married woman, her name is" Nofret " she lived over 3000 years ago. I truly didn't know where to post this thread beauty and fitness, costumes and dresses or maybe off-topic race and color of the skin or perhaps breast...
  9. masrawy

    Sense and sensibility

    Hi gang, Not that this would make any difference in this case, but without mentioning names or putting links to this event/site. The main graphics that was used the least I will say it's not a appropriate to this event and I would think whoever made this design main intent is to offend, and...
  10. masrawy

    Is it too late to say Hi

    I didn't dance no talents at all :D, my tabla playing is less than intermediate :(. So I don't know if I qualify to be here at all, but nevertheless managed to have 160 posts to date. :rolleyes: So, Hi to all the people I love and even the grouchy one too .... you know who you are. :D~Mahmoud