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  1. Kashmir

    YouTube Channel - Exploring the Heart of Belly Dance

    Over the last 9 months or so I've been releasing short video each Sunday on some aspect connected to Belly Dance - from myths, to history, to finding resources, dance styles etc etc. On YouTube it's: If you want a simple...
  2. Kashmir

    NZ Belly Dance Mob - New Brighton, Christchurch group

    My contribution includes a series of belly dance workshops (almost all money to Women's Refuge) 11am, 14 October 2pm, 21 October 2pm, 28 October Available to all levels from raw beginner to experienced dancer (more experienced dancers can have a little revision drill time and tehn work out how...
  3. Kashmir

    Entered the 21st Century - got a YouTube channel

    For 16 years I have been messing about wih a book. Off and on. Looks like a big outlay and little chance to recover costs - let alone get anything for the hours of work. Realistically gave the idea up a couple of years ago but keep all my research. Now I've decided to do mini-docos in my "spare"...
  4. Kashmir

    Liking with Chrome?

    I have switched over to Chrome - and now find I cannot Like posts. Anyone else found this? Any easy solution?
  5. Kashmir

    France - what was the first school or teacher?

    Belly dance has a long history in France - and I believe there is a huge scene there. Anyone know when it started more recently?
  6. Kashmir

    India - what was the first school or teacher?

    Ignoring the myth that belly dance originated in India, when did classes etc start in India? So far I have come up with Veronica Simas de Souza in Mumbai 2006. Any advance on that?
  7. Kashmir


    Anyone have a general idea what the shaabi song Esta is about? What is a"Esta"? and "boola"? I have loaded it onto
  8. Kashmir

    New Normal for Dance Classes - two years after the big quake

    Just in case you are wondering about how things are in Christchurch these days I've updated (my very infrequent) blog on the reality of what we still live with: Thinking about Belly Raqs: The New Normal and Dance Classes Hope all those of you in New York and surrounds can get back to normal a...
  9. Kashmir

    Oolli Amallak Eh

    Can anyone tell me what this is about?
  10. Kashmir


    Anyone know what is happening with Bhuz? Seems to be up for a few seconds then crashes with a 404.
  11. Kashmir

    Scripts on Site

    I've often thought the site is a little less responsive than I'd expect for teh content - but then thought it is probably te database access. However, either today my browser (IE8) came up with a warning that the site is running a script that was taking up a lot of my CPU - in fact it warned...
  12. Kashmir

    Coktail Om Kalsoum

    Here's a challenge - what songs are included in Amany & Bassem Yazbek's "Coktail Om Kalsoum"?
  13. Kashmir

    New Teachers' List for New Zealand

    The Attar Collective's most recent project is publishing information on belly dance teachers and study groups in New Zealand. The aim is to list all of the Belly Dance teachers in New Zealand regardless of their affiliations, style or politics or which does not require payment for membership or...
  14. Kashmir

    Google Ads

    Is it just in NZ that this site is now got ads for meeting single women? It'd be nice if there was somewhere on the net you could go without someone trying to sell you sex! (And I don't go for young lightly dressed women)
  15. Kashmir

    Attamen Aleik

    Does any one have a translation of Attamen Aleik? Thanks
  16. Kashmir

    Anyone know what's happened to Bhuz?

    I haven't been able to sign on today.
  17. Kashmir

    Representative Dancer - rest of us

    If you had to pick one dancer as representative of belly dance in your country today, who would it be?
  18. Kashmir

    Representative Dancer - UK

    If you had to pick one dancer as representative of belly dance in the UK today, who would it be?
  19. Kashmir

    Representative Dancer - US

    If you had to pick one dancer as representative of belly dance in the US today, who would it be?
  20. Kashmir

    Attar Collective 2010 Workshops - New Zealand

    The Attar Collective Attar started in 2008 by Tanya, Kashmir and Zumarrad with the idea that pool of dance professionals and serious dance recreationalists with knowledge, skills and expertise could support and develop Belly Dance and Belly Dance professionals in New Zealand. We started with...