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  1. Bast

    Thought Provoking Belly Dance Costumes: the good, the bad and the hideous

    Nice day for a TPBDC The arm bands are lovely, the bra is pretty but WHAT ON EARTH is going on at the crotch? Is it meant to be ......a map of Turkey...:think: (I have ordered from this costume maker and just received a gorgeous costume from him, just not sure about the design elements in...
  2. Bast

    Aussies, I'm selling heaps -Pharaonics full costume, skirts, saiidi, khaleeji...

    Cleaning out my costume cupboard. Postage included for just about everything, anywhere in Australia. rest of the world welcome as well, please message for post enquiries. I have put all my pictures on facebook and made them public, each item has its own album with all info...
  3. Bast

    Thought Provoking Belly Dance Costumes: the good, the bad and the hideous

    This is from a costume maker I actually like and I think the basic design is really nice, just some unfortunate hypnoboob beading going on here.
  4. Bast

    Charging people to practice with you? Hmmmm

    Came across this strange ad in my local classifieds. :confused: "Hi, I'm ******, I want to share what I learnt and practice so I won't forget. I offer classes only $5.00. Good quality and good for both my students and me. My teacher has a (***** background and had had classes with ******) I am...
  5. Bast

    Horrible hip circles :(

    I am struggling with hip circles, big time. I don't know why they are such a big deal for me. I understand what my body is supposed to be doing but it just won't do it :wall: I end up looking stiff and awkward. I'm taking private lessons at the moment to get this sorted. I have been given a...
  6. Bast

    False Eyelashes

    I had the same trouble with heavy lashes, I felt like my eyes were tired and half closed on stage. Then I discovered these Eylure NATURALITES Intense #145 (PACK OF 5) False Eyelashes Fake Lashes Black | eBay I just get them from priceline. If I treat them gently I can 3-4 uses out of one pair...
  7. Bast

    Looking for a Belly Dance theme for windows

    My DH and I share a computer and I have been looking at Harley Davidson motorcycles longer than I care to :rolleyes: Does anyone know of any windows 7 desktop themes with belly dance pictures. I have consulted the oracle of google without any success.
  8. Bast

    Beaded Leggings Hot or Not?

    I've picked up a second hand pharaonics that I'm rehabbing. I'd like to wear it for a photoshoot on Easter monday. BUT it comes with a hideous (I think) pair of leggings. The leggings look new and I don't think either of the previous owners of this costume wore them, so I am tempted to harvest...
  9. Bast

    Help me choose a Bellydance ring tone

    Please :) Something upbeat.
  10. Bast

    Cringeworthy public performance :(

    I'm feeling really down about a recent performance, need to vent but also need to be careful on a public forum :confused: It was fun, super fun and the audience loved us. Then I watched the (private) video :shok: There were cameras out all over the place and all I can think of is that if it...
  11. Bast

    Please tell me why I shouldn't buy this fabric

    I am getting a costume made and have been searching around for fabric. I came across this silk satin printed with lotus flowers. I can't afford it, I'm sure. Besides it would be completley unsuitable for a skirt and bra, right? I can't get it out of my head. Wish I could have unseen it!
  12. Bast

    Stage foundation -what do you recommend?

    The beauty favourites thread reminded me that I want to change the foundation I use for performance. Currently using I.D bare minerals but find it doesn't really give the coverage I want for stage and it flares too brightly in photographs. I have pale combination to oily skin and usually clear...
  13. Bast

    Painting a backdrop for troupe performances

    This is just in the ideas stage atm but I would like to paint a background for our performances. I am thinking that instead of all buying little things for our teacher at the end of the year, we could all contribute to a backdrop. I know for a fact she would like one as she was trying to figure...
  14. Bast

    Seeking a sword in Australia

    I am looking for a gold tone or brass look balanced dance sword. I would prefer not to have to spend over $200 AUD which includes shipping. I have tried ebay, google searches, checked market place threads and can find nothing suitable. has two that I love but they don't...
  15. Bast

    Brow stencils?

    I am very behind in learning makeup techniques and have only just learned that shading my eyebrows with a pencil and brush makes a big difference. So I was wondering if anyone has used brow stencils before. Do you need to have very thinly waxed/plucked brows, or can you use them just to define...
  16. Bast

    i need a hug :( bad performance

    It was my second time on stage today and I totally stuffed it. I had danced the same dance in front of an audience just weeks before and really enjoyed it, but for some reason today it got to me and made me really stiff. Then I turned the wrong way, taking my teacher and half the group with me...
  17. Bast

    Nail Dilemma ...Acrylic Nails grrrrrrrrrrr

    I've only had fake nails twice in my life. Once I did my own gel nails for my wedding with no problems. For a recent performance I had a set of acrylics put on in a salon and I have been sitting here with my fingers in pots of acetone for the last 45 mins trying to get rid of them.:mad: Some...
  18. Bast

    Class etiquette and pecking order..advice please

    I have found myself in a bit of a tricky situation and I'm hoping some more experienced dancers could give me some advice. I started in a beginner class last September and was put into the intermediate group in march this year. I was so worried about not being good enough and letting down the...
  19. Bast

    Greetings from Brisbane, Australia

    Hi everyone :) I've been bitten by the belly dance bug and can't seem to get enough. Looks like this is the place to be. I've been dancing for about 10 months and very nervously facing my first performance/s in the coming weeks. Looking forward to meeting some new belly dance addicts!