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  1. Sirène

    Jennifer Grout—Arabs Got Talent

    It was a toss-up between "off-topic" and "music" and I opted for the latter since the young lady sings classical Arabic songs, but has anyone else seen or heard about Jennifer Grout? She is an opera student from Boston who became interested in Arabic music after hearing songs by Fairuz, and even...
  2. Sirène

    NYT Article: Outsiders Breathe Life into a Spanish Dance Form

    I've been meaning to share this article since I saw it in the NY Times back in March: My observation is that the evolution of Flamenco has a lot in common with the evolution of oriental dance...
  3. Sirène

    New (dance) floors

    Remodelling is in the plans for this summer/fall and part of it is getting new flooring (GOODBYE CARPET! :dance:). Regardless of any other family member's plans I'm going into this with an eye for where I can possibly place a giant wall mirror and dedicated dance space. I'd love to do hardwood...
  4. Sirène

    Do we have any Doumbek / Darbuka / Tabla players on BDF?

    If there are any Doumbek / Darbuka / Tabla players hereabout, I have a non-dominant hand question: should a beginner focus on making the correct 'ka' sound with a non-dominant hand, or focus on playing in rhythm and just give the non-dominant hand time to build strength?
  5. Sirène

    Neck Flexibility

    I have genetics to blame for a 'short' neck, but years of computer use and answering telephones haven't done me any favors. Since taking up dance I've been a lot better about posture but the neck muscles continue to be problematic. I really feel head-shake movements and I can't seem to do a neck...
  6. Sirène

    Hear Ye, Hear Ye…I am no longer a 'Performance' virgin!

    I did the deed on Sunday, Feb. 17th and I'm proud of myself, mistakes and all! :D Please return now to your regularly scheduled perusal of the TPBDC thread. :lol:
  7. Sirène

    Have you used Create Your Own Style with Swarovski Elements?

    I found the Create-Your-Style tool and hotfix stones at Michaels and thought I might give 'blinging' a t-shirt a try, but as I laid out the stones for the pattern I came to the realization that it was probably going to cost in the neighborhood of $35 for the crystals plus the initial cost of the...
  8. Sirène

    Coca-Cola's 2013 Superbowl Ad — Coke Chase

    Any thoughts about the Coke ad that the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) and others have called racist? 6uFQAqwbwSg (If it cannot be viewed in your country, try doing a youtube search for "Coke Chase" to see if it's been posted by a user in your region.) I don't really have...
  9. Sirène

    Glitter bombed — how do I stop the fallout?

    Glitter bombed — how do I stop the fallout? (AZIZA Saidi Dress) I purchased a Glittered AZIZA Saidi Dress by Off the Nile (Dahlal) for my upcoming group performance, and while I expected the the fabric would shed some of the glitter I was completely unprepared for the amount of glitter this...
  10. Sirène

    Saidi / Saiidi Dress - Off the Nile Aziza

    Does anyone here own an Off the Nile Saidi Dress? Do you like it? Does it hold up? Which pattern do you think would be the most flattering to those of us who don't have a svelte, hourglass shape? AZIZA Saidi Dress in Assorted Prints by Off the Nile - Dahlal Internationale Store Glittered...
  11. Sirène

    iTunes App Sale: BellyDance with Neon, First Steps

    For any beginners with iPods or iPads, BellyDance with Neon, First Steps is on sale as of Jun. 2, 2012. Normally $9.99, the iPod version is now $1.99 and the iPad version is $2.99: App Store - Bellydance: First Steps, with Neon Bellydance with Neon - For iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store...
  12. Sirène

    Help me cannibalize this dress :D

    The thread title is unfortunate in light of recent news events, but accurate. I found this outfit at a rummage sale, and I just couldn't walk away. It's too small (for me), and atrociously 80's, but the beading is in excellent condition and I feel like something could be done with it. I have...
  13. Sirène

    What is your favorite dvd warm-up?

    The Warm-ups -are we doing it wrong? thread got me thinking... What is your favorite dvd warm-up (apart from the actual workout)?
  14. Sirène

    Isolating upper abs from lower abs?

    I was working with the Bellydance Superstars-Killer Drillz with Zoe Jakes DVD and hit a little bump: in the pre-drill "belly" section, she talks about working the upper & lower abs independantly, without involving the chest & hips, using instead a series of push and pulls. Of course Zoe makes it...
  15. Sirène

    Which instructional DVDs/Videos do you have? (2012 Version)

    I'm a few days... ok, almost two weeks late, but with Mosaic's approval I'm starting a new thread for instructional dvds/videos. Here's my in-dire-need-of-culling collection :redface: : (Actually, there are at least two WDNY videos missing, my mother has them ;).) I probably have enough...
  16. Sirène

    Useful iTunes App for Bellydance Rhythms

    I recently found this and thought it might be useful for those who like a simple, looped rhythm to practice to: App Store - DumTek It's iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad compatible, and best of all... FREE! Here is the description from the developer, Michael Graff:
  17. Sirène

    Archiving threads?

    So some enterprising new poster decided to resurrect "What instructional DVDs/Videos you have?" which was active 2007-2009, with a handful of additional posts in 2010. It got me wondering, are posts here ever archived (i.e. locked)? :think: The reasons for the new poster resurrecting the...
  18. Sirène


    From what I'm told, this has been around for awhile but I just learned about it this past Wednesday: Turducken - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The thought of it horrifies me. Has anyone here tried it? What do you think of it?
  19. Sirène

    Belly dancer on Say Yes to the Dress...

    I was killing time today and caught an episode of Say Yes to the Dress that featured a Belly Dancer. Here's the write-up of the episode from the TLC site: Out of curiosity, does anyone recognize/know the dancer?
  20. Sirène

    ME Motifs: looking for book recommendations

    Anyone have recommendations for design resources of Middle Eastern motifs? I know Dover has an extensive library of royalty free designs, but with over 30 books I'm overwhelmed with choices. Can someone recommend or suggest a specific book?