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  1. Daimona

    2020 World Weather Thread

    And it is time for a new weather thread. The last couple of days have been hitting some warm weather temperature records for January (I had to get my spring jacket), but today temperature have dropped and is pivoting at 0C. It is snowing. It is blowing. And it is the first storm hitting us...
  2. Daimona

    Holiday greetings 2019

    Happy winter solstice! I'm looking forward to more light in the months to come. Only 4.5 h of daylight today.
  3. Daimona

    Tito Seif

    Attended a performance with Tito Seif (as audience, that is) the other day. What a show! <3
  4. Daimona

    2018 Weather around the world

    Snow blizzards yesterday and today. Polar low, they call it...
  5. Daimona

    Holiday greetings!

    Whatever you may celebrate these days: Happy wintersolstice! Merry Christmas! etc ;)
  6. Daimona

    2018 Weather around the world

    Happy new everyone! How is the weather in your part of the belly dancing world? In my part of the world we're preparing for the winter first storm of 2018 and expecting heavy winds and snow.
  7. Daimona

    5/8 dance styles?

    Do we have any ME dance styles in 5/8 rhythms?
  8. Daimona

    What's up?

    What have you guys been up to lately? Anything exciting happening dancewise in your communities in the near future?
  9. Daimona

    The history of belly dance

    I'm a bit rusty on belly dance history and after experiencing someone mixing belly dance and reenactment, I've started wondering: If we look at the documented history of belly dance, middle eastern dances and North African dances, how far back in time do we get with the facts if we exclude...
  10. Daimona

    Music ID

    Hi! Do anyone know which tune Khaled Mahmoud is dancing to in this video? (link in case embedding doesn't work: And if it is identified, do anyone know where to find it?
  11. Daimona

    The weather around the world 2016

    After some weeks of rather cold and dry weather, temperatures are now just below the freezing point and it is snowing. Mmm.. nice... finally real winter!
  12. Daimona

    Follow the bouncing butt - the watch and copy method of learning dance

    A discussion started in another thread about the watch and copy method of learning was too good not to give its own thread in the proper sub-forum. But now we're on topic again. Please go ahead and discuss further.
  13. Daimona

    A view of your country

    There are members from many different nations here at so why don't we make a game out of it and post/link a picture or video from to show where we all come from? I just stumbled upon this video today. It isn't from my part of Norway or even the most well-known touristy...
  14. Daimona

    The funniest thing anyone have said to you...

    What is the funniest thing anyone has said to you in relation to dance? It could related to performances, classes/workshops or otherwise. Just to give an example: I was at a meeting in my local dance club (I haven't been very active lately) last Thursday, and someone said that they missed...
  15. Daimona

    Belly dance research and science

    I thought it could be a good idea to have thread listing various belly dance related research and related scientific publications (if possible, linking to the publications themselves rather than journalist articles about the research). Unfortunately, not much has been done in this topic and...
  16. Daimona

    Amazing Link in case the video don't embed properly: Georgian National Ballet - YouTube
  17. Daimona

    Dance Jubilee

    It is not really an anniversary and I'm not going to celebrate so this may seem a strange jubilee, but within a couple of months (April 30 to be exact) I've officially been involved with this dance form for half my life time. I wouldn't believe that when I first started...
  18. Daimona

    Belly dance bingo

    Aniseteph: I'm pretty sure the goblins are responsible of making us think like this, but I just couldn't help bring it up on a separate thread. ;) What points would you like to include in a belly dance bingo? Of course you can choose to have several themes or just one.
  19. Daimona

    2013/2014 Goblin calendar

    Welcome to the Goblin calendar, which goes from Dec 25 to Jan 6, another fine tradition on started by Walladah. You may ask yourself: What is the goblin calendar? To get the answer, simply see the quote below. There are still available dates waiting for your contribution...
  20. Daimona

    2013 Advent calendar

    Welcome to the 2013 Advent calendar, a fine tradition on There are still available dates waiting for your contribution. Sign up for a date in this thread, and when your date is due, make your post below with the current date in the title of the post.