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  1. Daimona

    Thought Provoking Belly Dance Costumes: the good, the bad and the hideous

    Argh! Why did I have to see the eyes and the moustache/beard on the bra, when the rest of the costume was so nice?
  2. Daimona

    No classes in town for the first time since 2000.

    Might not be more complicated than that, but still a bummer.
  3. Daimona

    Thought Provoking Belly Dance Costumes: the good, the bad and the hideous

    If it had a more correct name, such as "fantasy costume" I wouldn't bother. Could have worn something similar for a LARP costume 20 years ago, but not for dance. The only thing I liked about it was the colors.
  4. Daimona

    Thought Provoking Belly Dance Costumes: the good, the bad and the hideous

    Oh my. I had to show the "authentic medieval..." to hb. We agreed upon "anything but authentic medieval" I have dancing friends who would easily wear the turqoise costume.
  5. Daimona

    Beginner choreography

    For Egyptian style, I really love Ranya Renees DVDs in general. I'm not sure if they are what you are looking for at this stage in your dance journey, but I could recommend them any day. They are so full of information I could watch them over and over again. The DVDs from Outi of Cairo might...
  6. Daimona

    Hiiiii I'm new

    Hi and welcome!
  7. Daimona

    2021 Worldwide Weather

    A late taste of summer around here. 18 C, sunny. Fresh air, no wind. Spent the day doing some outdoor maintenance (last chance before temperature drop further next week). Now, it is time for a BBQ.
  8. Daimona

    Egyptian shimmy CANNOT frustrated :(

    And if you sit too deep while trying to shimmy (i.e. knees are too much bent), you may also put unnecessary strain on them so they will hurt. So when you practice the Egyptian shimmy, stand in a neutral position with knees only slightly bent. The tip of practicing this type of shimmy sitting...
  9. Daimona

    2021 Worldwide Weather

    Temperatures have dropped and fall is here. Today it is15C, cloudy. Some rain showers (heavy rain the next couple of days predicted) and a few rays of sun.
  10. Daimona

    Yes-lockdown brought out the bellydance in me

    Spam deleted.
  11. Daimona

    2021 Worldwide Weather

    Are there a lot of spruces at Granby Lake? ;) App. 25C and cloudy. A bit hot to do field work to my taste, but I'm not complaining. Been out walking all day having fun with colleagues.
  12. Daimona

    2021 Worldwide Weather

    Today it has been a perfect day for being outside - which I have been (even getting paid for it! #lovemyjob 🥳 ) 19C, partly sunny, partly cloudy and a mild breeze now and then. Summerly rain is forecasted for tomorrow, then temperatures will rise to pretty hot the rest of the week (app. 30C...
  13. Daimona

    2021 Worldwide Weather

    Glad you missed the main "event". The closest I've been to a tornado are a few dust devils,. :rolleyes:
  14. Daimona

    2021 Worldwide Weather

    Just beautiful Nordic summer days in my corner of the world. Twenty-something (C), sunny and a mild breeze.
  15. Daimona

    Getting real

    Whenever I've attended workshops and events out of town, I've played "spot the dancer" on my way to the event. I usually spot the right persons, even if I haven't seen them before.
  16. Daimona

    2021 Worldwide Weather

    I've been out doing field work this week. A bit of rain, but mostly sunny or cloudy. Temperatures between 8-15 C and pretty nice if it wasn't for the pollinating trees. Had to get my short sleeved (woollen) tees out when working in the sun.
  17. Daimona

    Finding a Teacher

    ATS, FatChanceBellyDance or FCBD are registered trademarks and have their own certification system, if I am correct. I don't think ITS are a registered trademark.
  18. Daimona

    Glad to be here

  19. Daimona

    2021 Worldwide Weather

    Sunny, 15C, no wind. (too much pollen in the air)
  20. Daimona

    Costume restoration

    I have repainted some plastic beads on a costume once, but it wasn't many beads. Worked well for me, though.