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  1. Yame

    The two most important belly dance moves

    This is a "just for fun" thread. There is no right or wrong answer. Which belly dance moves do you consider the most important? Or, phrased differently, if somehow your body was forced to "forget" every belly dance move but you could choose two that your body could retain, which ones would it...
  2. Yame

    My first competition!

    So all these years dancing and I'd still never participated in a competition, mostly because so far there have been none (that I know of) closer than 4 hours away from me and I don't get a lot of vacation days at work. I was heading off to Cairo last week, to take workshops from Randa Kamel and...
  3. Yame

    Affordable, barely-worn costumes for the small-chested dancer

    I have a few used costumes for sale. They are all in pretty good condition and being sold for a great price. Additional discounts will be given to anyone who wants to purchase more than one. I am a 34B, 28.5 inches around the ribcage, 36 inches upper hip, 40 inches lower hip, 5'7'' for your...
  4. Yame

    Egyptian Style DRILLS DVDs?

    Have any of you heard of such a thing, or something close? I have tons of DVDs... many of them with very, very good material. Yet, I find myself uninspired to work with them because the way the material is presented is not ideal for my personal learning style. I prefer to learn a few things...
  5. Yame

    Ew? Miles Copeland's Latest Diss

    I apologize if it has already been posted. I could not find this discussion anywhere. I just found this on Gilded Serpent today... Miles Copeland dishing out some more opinions about belly dance, folkloric dance, and what makes a successful show. Gilded Serpent, Belly Dance News & Events , »...
  6. Yame

    Amazing Egyptian belly dancer!

    Just found this video today. Her name is Sofia. I'd never heard of her before... great shaabi dancing! FydRBM3WP4M
  7. Yame

    Aziza of Cairo - my current obsession

    Love, love, love this dancer. She one of my favorites of today's dancers in Egypt. Clean, heavy hips; juicy, effortless moves. Aziza of Cairo - Mejance - april 2012 - YouTube 2m1hL8qJCmc
  8. Yame

    Latest from Aida Bogomolova

    Ahhh I love this woman! Her dancing just gets better and better... 7VCQcJbI6pk
  9. Yame

    Just sharing my most recent video

    I don't normally post my videos here, but since I enjoy seeing everybody else dance, maybe I should. It's nice to see what everybody is like and where everybody is at. So, here it is... KF1cFPW789w 7/21/2012 EDIT - Hi guys! I am just reviving this thread to announce that I have entered the...
  10. Yame

    Spam flood

    I've noticed that lately, this forum has been getting spammed very often. I get email notifications when someone responds to a thread I posted in, and some nights my email gets spammed with responses from here, nearly all of them being trolls/ads. I know I can change the email settings if it...
  11. Yame

    Nour of Russia/Cairo

    I've always liked this dancer, but more and more she is becoming one of my favorites. She is Russian but lived in Cairo for a while, I think in the 90's and early 2000's. I think she is great technique-wise but also captures the feeling of Egyptian dance. One thing I really like about her is...
  12. Yame

    Amazing performance by Shems!

    M6viHHwHn6o&feature=channel_video_title I really enjoyed watching this, so I thought I would share :)
  13. Yame

    The Suheir Zaki of Today

    Ana Claudia Borges The soft energy and strong hips really remind me of Suheir, plus they have a similar smile and figure as well. 6HCyhw6calE If you have the patience to wait for it to load, you can even watch this in HD
  14. Yame

    Lightbulb Moments

    Let's talk about those moments that had the power to change our belly dance experience forever: What were some of your favorite "lightbulb moments" throughout your journey with belly dance? How did the moment come about (Were you watching a video, practicing in front of the mirror, talking to a...
  15. Yame

    Irina Akulenko on Howcast

    Usually these websites/youtube channels feature very bad so-called professionals, awful explanations and even wrong technique, so I was pleasantly surprised to find Irina Akulenko here. She's a wonderful dancer and has great technique. This could be useful to our baby beginner members who like...
  16. Yame

    Ju Marconato

    Ju Marconato is one of my favorite dancers... what a nice treat to come home on Friday and find a new video of her dancing to one of my favorite songs! :D aKCkInLu26U&feature=feedu
  17. Yame

    Super Mario on Oud

  18. Yame


    I think this dancer is wonderful qS-lyJ7Gdso&feature=feedu
  19. Yame


    One week ago I started having this awkward, sharp pain that would happen near my left shoulder blade whenever I turned or tilted my head to the left. I chalked it up to having slept wrong, since it started on Sunday morning. Since the pain wasn't there all the time and wasn't that bad, I...
  20. Yame

    Soraia Zaied Meleya Leff

    I'm not a huge Meleya Leff fan, but Soraia Zaied always kicks ass. I thoroughly enjoyed this video. In fact, I can't stop watching it! (This is an old clip, from 2002 Ahlan Wa Sahlan) FLFcHwmT0zA&feature=recentu