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  1. Shanazel

    Radio Garden

    This site is so much fun. So far tonight, I've listened to radio stations in Sanaa, Yemen (played one of my favorite belly dance songs!), Greenland, Iceland, half a dozen places in Scandinavia, several in India, and two or three in Israel. Amazing how much music in English is played around the...
  2. Shanazel

    BR Star Baby

  3. Shanazel

    2021 Worldwide Weather

    Good morning and welcome to the new weather thread for those if us who care about such things as whether or not it is snowing on the other side of the world. Currently 24 degrees in central Wyoming with a 16 mph wind. We had 75 mph gusts and 45 mph sustained winds along our brae yesterday...
  4. Shanazel

    Sadie Marquardt May 2020

    Sadie Does anyone know if Kaya is still dancing? Haven't heard anything about her in at least five or six years.
  5. Shanazel

    Requiem for a dancer

    Pat took dance classes from me for so long that I can’t even recall now when she started. Dance didn’t come naturally to her; she had to work hard for every small advance. Sometimes she got frustrated to see others perfect a move that she struggled to learn. But Pat had something just as...
  6. Shanazel

    Titis Tsai

    I saw this on FB and hunted around for it on YouTube so I could share it with everyone including Zorba. If you have ever danced with assaya or sword, watch it and weep. Titos Tsai
  7. Shanazel

    Life saving award

    My daughter and her award for saving a woman's life. She has been nominated for a second award for a different incident.
  8. Shanazel


    If you purchase horsehair or items made from horsehair, please be aware that the material may be stolen. Someone cut our horses' manes and tails today. Not only do the animals now have no way to brush away insects so they are at the mercy of biting flies, but the thief used sweet feed to occupy...
  9. Shanazel

    Yana at Ya Halla Y'all, 2013

    Yana The optical images of the veil were interesting and I'd love to get a close look at how that bra is constructed in the back.
  10. Shanazel

    Selma (France): Ghawazy Dance - Boss ala El Halawa

  11. Shanazel

    Azza Sherif, Egypt

    Azza Sherif circa 1978
  12. Shanazel

    Silk mesh

    Isn't this cool fabric? I wonder if it would work for veils. Silk mesh
  13. Shanazel

    More classic clips

    Ra'esa Afifi - Doqo El Mazaher ليلى نظمي - على عيني كارميلة رقص تحية كاريكا ...مع المطرب سيد درويش طنطاوي
  14. Shanazel

    Magic carpet ride

    If I've seen this Samia Gamal clip before, I've forgotten it. Note the pointy cone bra in the last couple of dances. Retro costuming, anyone?
  15. Shanazel

    French horns: Zorba

    Hey, Zorba, did I already know you are a French horn player and forgot, or is this truly a new revelation? My husband is gradually retiring after playing the French horn for sixty+ years.
  16. Shanazel

    Positive thoughts for a dancing sister

    Suzanne Azhaar is in the hospital. Warm, positive thoughts streaming toward New Mexico at this time would be a good thing.
  17. Shanazel

    Greetings to all visitors , looky-loos, and other welcome guests

    Welcome to Oriental Dancer. My name is Shanazel, and I am the new supermoderator at OD, emphasis on NEW. I'm still learning my job and expect to make a mistake or twenty over the next couple of weeks in particular. Please be patient with me. Part of my job is eliminating a hundred or more...
  18. Shanazel

    Cinematic Salome performances: the good, the bad, the ludicrous

    How many "Seven Veil" dances can you find? :cool:
  19. Shanazel

    Classic revival

    Really nice revival despite a couple of elements that irritate me (pointing index finger to shoot the audience, and oh, my dear stars, leave your hair alone).
  20. Shanazel

    Belly dance 2019

    I typed "belly dance 2019" into my server to see what came up. Here are some of the results. What do you think? Some interesting body gymnastics and poses, but ultimately not much dance. I quit watching about 4 minutes in and jumped ahead several...