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  • Hi Sita,
    Thank you for visiting my page and commenting on my photos! It is wonderful to meet others who share the same passion of bellydancing. I wish you much joy and happiness in all you do! Keep shimmying! :)
    Hello Sita,
    Yes that's me in the photo's. The painting is of Rachel Brice. I love it very much. My husband got it for me (god bless him.)
    The photo's are very dark, I'm wanting to add some different ones also, and some dancing of course.
    So your just starting Tribal. How much fun it is? I have been dancing for about 12 years and probably the last 2 years I have stepped into the Tribal Fusion style. Did some w/shops with Rachel Brice, and an Aus Dancer Melusina. Both astounding women.
    Liquid movements to die for.
    And it's only been the last couple of weeks that I have also started with the Traditional Tribal style, and am LOVING it!! The communication between dancers is amazing. Yep it rocks.
    Well lovely to meet you.
    Again Love your beautiful picture.
    Lotus Dancer
    Hello Sita,
    Love your picture. It's beautiful.
    I have read qite a few of your comments throughout the forum, and I have really enjoyed your input.
    How long have you been dancing?
    Lotus Dancer
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