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    Composers of music from the Arab world

    I recently pulled together a list of 500+ songs from the Arab world, along with information on composer and original artist for each. Here's the list alphabetized by song title: Here's the list alphabetized by composer name...
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    Has the "Like" feature been disabled?

    Today, I wanted to "like" a couple of posts, but I couldn't find the "Like" choice at the bottom of the posts in question. Has that feature been disabled? For a workaround, I gave a reputation point to one of the posts, but I wasn't able to for the other due to a need to spread the rep around...
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    Facebook is forcing a "real names" policy on entertainers

    Facebook is starting to enforce a "real names" policy. They are targeting performers whose profiles were opened under stage names and trying to force them to change their names to their legal names. Here's a story about what they're doing to the drag queen community...
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    Shira's Teacher & Performer Directory - Being Updated

    I am in the process of working my way through bringing the Teacher & Performer Directory at on completely up to date. If you have been waiting to be added, removed, or updated, this post describes my current status. In Post #3 on this thread, which you can...
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    Limit on number of PM's?

    Has a new limit been implemented on number of PM's a person can have stored? I've received a notification telling me that someone's attempt to send me a PM was rejected due to my box being full. This led me to delete a whole bunch of PM's (both ones I've sent and one's I've received), but it...
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    Blank first message on each page

    At first I thought the thread titled 'My Eyes Are Dim" described the problem I'm having. But then as I read more of the thread, it appeared that everybody else was talking about something entirely different. When I try to view a page of a thread, the top message on that page is blank, and also...
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    Persian Lace

    Here are two photos of me in my red Persian lace costume.
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    Need some encouragement on showing my belly

    I see this is an old thread, but I'll go ahead and reply for the benefit of others reading it who may have questions similar to the one posed by the person who started the thread. It's perfectly fine to cover the midriff when performing. In fact, for SOME styles of belly dance, it's more...
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    Announcement about

    After a lot of thought and careful consideration, I've decided to discontinue the web site. 2013 marks the 16th anniversary, and the time has come to focus my efforts on something else. Thank you, thank you, to everybody who has supported my site over the years by linking to it...
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    Reputation points under this new forum software?

    Hi! I see we can still rep someone, but that the icon for doing it has changed to a little 6-pointed sunburst. But, how do we go to our own profile to see a list of reps that have been received? The User CP choice to do that used to be prominently displayed on the old version, but I can't...
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    Ghawazee vs Awalim - influence on modern-day Egyptian raqs

    In a different thread, Kashmir posted this: I'm not sure I agree. First, when the term "Ghawazee" is used today, many people's minds jump immediately to the Banat Maazin, who have been the most high-profile, acclaimed dancers of this style in Upper Egypt. Perhaps that's what you were...
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    Welcome to New Members!

    There have been some new members lately, some coming from bhuz. I thought it might be helpful to welcome the newcomers by mentioning a few of the things that make this forum different from bhuz. Of course, there is a somewhat different community of active members who post on a regular basis...
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    Lectures Dec. 30 in Orange County, Calif.

    I'll be doing 3 hours of lectures about Egyptian dance history and how it fits into Egyptian culture the afternoon of December 30 in Orange County, California. I'm doing shortened (1-hour each) versions of the following three: Before Tahia. The history of Egyptian dance from approximately...
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    Mass Media, Mass Stereotypes

    There's a NEW article on my web site about how the mass media reinforce stereotypes about belly dance's purpose being that of titillating men: Mass Media, Mass Stereotypes: The Beginning, by Shira I'd be interested in hearing everyone's thoughts/feedback.
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    Helping students defeat the stereotypes?

    Should belly dance teachers include suggestions in class on how students can respond to people in their life who say, "Isn't that a dance of serving men? Didn't it originate as seducing the Sultan?" Should teachers say stuff like, "Your friends and family might say..." followed by "...and...