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  • Hi, Shira. :D I thought I'd let you know that I'm following you on Twitter. My tweets are protected, so if you'd like to follow me, my username is FarashaHanem_SA. Hope you had a great holiday season! :D
    I have a Dell Inspiron that put spyware on mine through one of the PROGRAMS pre-loaded on the laptop itself! :mad: Now I have to spend either $50 per call (and the tech guy's shift conveniently ended before he could finish helping me), or either $121 for a one-year product agreement, or $150 for two years. Kinda get the feeling I've been scammed by Dell. :mad:
    Hi, Shira. I saw your tweet this evening on Twitter. What happened to your laptop, and what kind do you have?
    Hey, kiddo. Beautiful Zaghareet! cover! I posted to the movie thread but maybe everyone who wanted to participate hasn't seen Afriti Hanem yet?
    Heys, Shira!! I'm so sorry! I totally forgot to ask how your Arts a la cart performance went!! How was it???? I'm sorry i couldn't make it to see you! InshAllah I'll make it next time!! :D Also, if we don't get to talk before you leave, I wish you safest and fun times and travels to and from Egypt!!

    Take care ya gamila!! (^0^)//

    I owe you so much. Thank you for being my friend throughout the years. Remember the Gladiator shoe fiasco years ago? Stolen, stolen, stolen after months of waiting! LOL!

    Thanks for accepting my friendship request.


    Shira, I have a question regarding your classes...I have never taken a dancing class for bellydancing, so would I only be able to take the Level1 class, or could I take the Level 1 and Level 2 (which sounds like it is focused more on learning choreography, than technique?) at the same time??
    Heys, Shira!! I'm so hoping to have the money and the time to take your classes this summer!! :D

    Btw, you look adorable in your profile and avatar pic!!:cool:
    Hi Shira,
    Good to see you discovered :) I just saw on Bhuz that you're busy with the teacher directory on your site, I wish you good luck, that must be an awful lot of work!
    hi shira,
    i just checked out your website while i was browsing for information, and I just wanted to tell you that all of the information you have on there is so interesting and very helpful =)
    Hello Shira - just noticed you are online, and want to say hello. I have great admiration for your contribution to the bellydance scene. Is that an early start to the day for you? It is 6pm here on the Sunshine Coast of Oz. Best wishes, Usha
    Happy New Year!!!
    My first knowing about belly dance is from your website!!! Thank you very much!!!!
    Hi, Shira, I'm so very glad you joined us here at (sorry this greeting is late in coming). I hope you're enjoying it here. :) Your web site has been marked in my favorites for about two years now; it's a wonderful source of bellydance info! Keep up the wonderful work. :)
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