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  • OK, I do not think you have seen this message...

    Dear Shanazel:
    Thanks so much for your kind words!
    We live in San Leandro now, Alameda County.
    I have been teaching for two years in Hungary, I had three performing groups, we were very successful. However I hated to be there, those big shot politicians ruin that counrty to the ground . I developed some scary panic attackes, so it was not fun. I got very tired and exhausted there, so now I am "relaxing". I am planning on performing again, but not least not for a while.
    I am sorry to hear about your problem...
    I have not been on the forum for ages and now trying to figure out all the new things, how to send messages, etc..., it has changed a lot. I hope you will get this.
    I was trying to send a PM, but cannot find where to do that .
    My e-mail address is, also
    I have a new clip on my web site from my performances in Hungary.

    Love and Hugs,
    Dear Shanazel:

    How sweet of you to write! Yes, it is me and we have moved back to the Bay Area this June. I have not been on the forums for ages... How are you???

    Your Royal Highness! :D I am so excited. My costume will be done next week. I think the bra and belt are done already so I will fit it tomorrow. The armbands with those hanging sleeves and my skirt aren't done yet and I don't know what style to have for my skirt! Queen Shannie, thank you so much for you help. Love your wit!
    Hi Shanazel....
    I Am Just Wondering How Many Years You Have Danced For Because Alot Of Answers To My Questions Have Came From You And They Were Very Informative. And I Appreciate The Common Sence Factor. For Me Thats Great So Thanks So Much For Answering My Threads!!!
    Hi Shazi!!!! wonder if you got your parcel?its been almost 3 weeks ,so it must be there i geuss?? Love Lydia
    Hey Shanazel =)
    Is it you that said that you use body stockings? I've been trying to find an online vendor but alas - i keep finding porn =-o
    Any recommendations?
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