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  • Thank you! I only portray the romantic in pictures, mostly for the lack of it in reality. Somewhere my husbands eye is twitching. LOL!!! Nice to meet you Shanazel.
    Oooh. Thanks for the advice. I'll do that - there are tons of dept. stores here that offer "makeovers" to try out the products. I may go let them pretty me up and see what I like and dislike.
    YEEEEESH, figuring out how to put pics up on the board is harder than I thought! Finally figured it out, though! ^^
    LOL! Yah for the 3rd horse! They are like chips I swear, can't have just one.

    Oh mom and I suffer from "just one more syndrome". We have 9 horses. 3 are homebred and the remaining 6 are rescues/adoptions. 10 cats (2 live in the barn, and the other 8 are indoor/outdoor house), 3 dogs, 5 birds, and literally hundreds of Koi fish ( my mom breeds them).

    What kind of horses do you have? We have 4 off track TBs (well technically shadow isn't off track, he was injured and shipped before he even made it there or started training:( poor boy), one pinto morgan cross (has sweeney shoulder so genuine lawn ornament). An arab (maybe arab cross mare) my mom rescued and then her 3 foals ( 2 quarter horse crosses and one TB cross).

    Motorcycles terrify me though, I'll stick to horses lol;)
    hope everything turns out OK for Rebel. Thinking of you and yours. Sounds like you've got some great kids.
    Wanted to rep you (but got the old spread it around popup!) for that "belly telly" post
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