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  • doing my MSc and getting fat. lol. i keep trying to call you but i never manage to stay awake long enough. :(
    MSc done, with distinction. applying for a scholarship to go to St. Andrew's in Scotland to do my MPhil :)
    :hugs: I enjoy her immensely. It must be hard, sending one to college. I can only imagine how hard it must be. Once the separation anxiety is less, you'll be so proud of every A and passed course. And just imagine... you'll be so very proud when your own daughter holds a degree in her hands.
    you know, i never understood teachers' pets, but neither did i like those saying "i do not need a teacher". We always do, although we might well survive without one, if this is the case...
    Thanks for the rep! I love the kitty pictures you can find all over the net. Sometimes they just fit our discussions so well. Any chance of you coming out to the Butte, MT Ranya Renee thing in April? I'd split a hotel room with you :)
    Hi Shanazel, Thank you so much for standing up for me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all that you said. I know I shouldn't have taken it all so personally, but the truth is I did lol, and it really hurt. So I'm thankful you spoke up when you did, and were understanding of where I was coming from. Best wishes - Xela
    *hugshugshugshugshugs!* Happy New Year, dearest Shanazel! I hope you're doing all right. I'm sorry I neglect to clean out my inbox, but let me know how you're doing, please. You're in my heart and prayers. :)
    I love horses! I used to have a Welsh Cob. They are such beautiful and intelligent beings!Merry Xmas to you x
    Oops I didn't even realise you weren't on my friend list, glad you sent the request:D xx
    Thank you for your friendship,and nice to meet you and yes my pic is Mucha, well spotted! I am such a fan!
    I tried to leave you a rep, hehe, but was told to spread it around some first. ;) Regarding your post in the "YAY" thread, thank you. I work hard at everything I do... and I have butt-loads of free time to drill and learn. I have no day job... just my writing, which means I make my own hours LOL. If I'm stressed out, I get dressed up and dance... if my creativity brain is sleeping, I get dressed up and dance. Sometimes I'll even get inspired and end up writing anyway. If I'm bored, I'll drill moves in my pj's. ME dance is quickly becoming something more than a fitness/hobby. I am very much in love with it. The freedom of expression calls to my creative brain.
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