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  • Shan, I was going to try to Skype with you some time today since I had the day off, but I haven't been able to stay awake for a significant amount of time to do anything more than cook and wash dishes. My son wanted to see the new GI Joe movie, but I kept nodding off. I'm so sorry. Right now I've got to turn in because I've got a full day of work tomorrow. I'm supposed to be off on Sundays, but every time our store rotates assistant managers, everyone's schedules get messed up. Arrrrgh. Anyway, my next two days off are this coming Tuesday and Wednesday, so hopefully we can get together then. Hugs!
    Hi Shanazel! How are you?
    Due to the db error I haven't been able to post (and based on the lack of new posts, nobody else either) and after more than 38h I can feel the abstinence.. Just needed to say hi to someone here! :D
    Hi, Shanazel! I dabble in different styles of embroidery. Mostly freehand doodling. When I have time to devote to it, I plan to try out black work. What sort of fiber arts are you into?

    Also, your hair is absolutely lovely!
    Sounds lovely - enjoy, and safe journeys.

    We got married in March to avoid San Francisco fog and Death Valley heat on our honeymoon!
    Why thank you! :redface:

    Oooh San Francisco, I am envious. Hope you are doing something fun. We got soaked in a rainstorm on Alcatraz about 16 years ago, it was brilliant. :D
    Hey Shanazel - 2 pics posted in an album, which you should be able to see being a Friend :)D) and having Mod-powers!

    I am also fleetingly on YouTube here: Belly Dance Extravaganza.. year 'Seven' - YouTube

    That's me in the orange at 0:18 and 1:33, and in the middle in the melaya number (note to self - that dress needs a shed load more bling, what was I thinking? :rolleyes:)

    Hope the weather's cooler for you. Still mostly wet wet wet here but strange yellow disc in the sky this morning... better make the most of it.
    Steph x
    I should, shouldn't I? I really enjoy seeing what OD folks look like - so nice to see you and Salome - so time to get over it and out myself.

    (Hmm, only I can't add a pic here except linking to a URL, and that would have to be to the dreaded Facebook. I'll stick a couple in my album if I can muster the IT skillz :rolleyes:)
    Buttercup was the one who claimed that even a toned-down version of her belly dance had the potential to make a man "cream" himself. Some said she was a troll. You and her got into an exchange. I don't remember the thread, but it was soon after I joined. I was really embarrassed by it at the time but later it was funny.
    Hi India. Just noticed you updated your photo. Nice, but that doesn't mean I hated the old photo. Still looking forward to that epic battle of the bellies; the Shanazel vs. Buttercup smackdown, and my betting money is on you! ;)
    There are a lot of fun stuff at the Uncyclopedia. A non-geologist colleague posted a link to this article with a notice "for non-geologists only" on our internal message board. ;)

    I'm sure you'll be the rockin' hero of the night if you give them this, and that the other non-geologist will be having fun as well.. :)
    Hi Shanazel!
    I'm in the share zone (or was it "shear zone"? ;) ) and wanted to share this one with you: Geologist - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia

    Have a nice day!
    Yes, but I had never really got the opportunity to use the profile lol ^-^ School, Belly Dancing, and working all at the same time had me pretty busy :) However, I found this website pretty helpful, I'm kinda into it lol
    ****smooooooch**** wore your earrings this week and thought of you!
    Good to have you back on the forum! Sounds like you had a great time in Germany!
    doing my MSc and getting fat. lol. i keep trying to call you but i never manage to stay awake long enough. :(
    MSc done, with distinction. applying for a scholarship to go to St. Andrew's in Scotland to do my MPhil :)
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