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  • Hey, I have just seen that you are coming to Western Australia for WAMED! How exciting! Look forward to seeing you there!
    Hi Ranya! I'm happy to see you are coming to Scandinavia in Jan 2012. Who is the local organizer? Have a nice weekend!
    -- Daim.
    ARGH! So upset I missed your workshop in ATL! Wish I heard about it sooner! But isee you live in NYC, and I'm hopefully moving up there in the near future :)
    Hi Ranya, you are the best! Such an inspiration! Just stopped by to ask if you are performing in the UK in 2011? Theres a rumour you are! And maybe doing a workshop? Hope so! x
    Ooooh, really you are teaching here this winter?! Wich city? :O

    I will join the email list! I saw on your webpage that you have a new dvd going on! Great! :D
    You must be tired of hearing, or reading this rather, but your Baladi DVD does not compare to anyhthing else out there! I've got your Modern Egyptian Oriental one too! and working on your Facebook Baladi Study also. I can't express my gratitude to you enough for someone who can't readily access a teacher, and also to be taught about the living culture of Baladi, and such a range of moves with steps and developing an intuition for improvisation, appropriate moves/steps to the parts of the progression, and internalising the music.
    I love your two DVD's, the Beledi and Modern Oriental ones! It will probably take a long time to really reap the benefits of these two great sets! I was wondering, though, I had pre-ordered the Classical Egyptian one, and just got a note from Amazon that they weren't going to be able to ship it, as they couldn't get it. Is it available from your website, or is there any other info about it? Thanks so much, the Classical Egyptian is my favorite style.
    There is skin-tone transparent (like pantyhose) fabric all the way from waist to floor, yes, along the sides, and a criss-cross pattern of ropey string covering that. Hope that helps! :)
    HI Ranya - yes you can turn the voice off, but at the moment it's good for me!!
    I'm going to see if I can draft up a pattern similar to those wonderful pants - it will mean I *have* to rewatch part of the DVD (as if I don't need to anyway?!) and get my pencil sharpened! Is the fabric over the top all the from waist to floor? or just from the knee down? I can't see myself being able to afford Eman Kazi, sigh... one day!!
    Hi Ranya
    I'm absolutely loving your beledi DVD - what I particularly love is the practice clips with the voice-over where you explain each part while the music is playing. This has really helped me understand what I'm hearing, and anticipate things like the tet! I'm also loving the practice repeating the same part of the music over and again until my brain shuts down and my body 'gets it'.
    Oh and on a purely trivial note? Where did you get those amazing black pants with the sheer bits from the knee down, stunning.
    I loved your beledi performance to Tahtil Shibbak, beautiful :clap:!
    Hi Ranya
    Like SmilingMarie I've ordered your DVD's and will get the last one too - I love your YouTube Baladi Progression to Tahtil Shibbak - stunning passion and pleasure in your dance!
    Hi Ranya
    Just want to say that I have gotten my paws on two dvds by you after reading about them in this forum - and they are fab!! As a dancer and instructor myself it can be difficult to find new inspiration and tuition (which suits my level) but I am sure your dvds will keep me (and my students!) going for a long while, there is just so much info there. I can't thank you enough :)
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