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    What's Happening in Egypt Right now

    This is a post I put on my tumblr blog because people have been complaining and asking about the little news that was there. I decided to share it here to try and shed some light about what happened and how things got to this point. "You can choose whatever name you like for the two types of...
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    Where to Start?

    So, I find myself wondering where to start exactly now that I'm trying to get back into serious learning and bellydancing. I know that the first step is to seek a teacher out to help, but due to financial hardships at the moment, I find myself in a very tough positions as I don't have the money...
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    Suheir Zaki at Ahlan Wasahlan

    Oh goodness, just watching that video put a smile on my face all day! Hiuc5MMl3FQ
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    Tiazza Rose - Free Belly dance instruction videos

    I don't remember how I came across her but she pretty much teaches technique for free, the way I would explain things to my friends when they ask me to teach them so I thought I should share. She's Syrian I think and a certified fitness instructor...overall, I think her website is a very good...
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    I'm finally doing it!

    So, I know I've been absent from the forum for the past couple of weeks (sorry about that, finals have been driving me crazy, just gotta hang in there for 2 more weeks). I did however want to share this since this was the effect of the forum on me. I mentioned this before when I first joined...
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    I needed to do this

    I knew those questions would pop up, and somehow, I feel like it's my duty to justify them, but how can I without introducing myself properly first. So here goes... ```` I'm an Egyptian, 20 year old artist and graphic design student. I grew up in a sort of typical Egyptian family. And by sort...
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    Ask me for music if you want & Music suggestions

    Being Egyptian, I've had more access to the our arabic music, and I've seen a lot of "What's the name of this song" pop up. So if you need something feel free to ask :) Some of my favorite all time drum solos/songs (I'm pretty sure all of you gorgeous ladies know the songs already) ``````...
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    Hello from Cairo, Egypt

    Hey everyone! I ran by this site while looking for Bellydance communities that I could join, I've been lurking around reading topics for a while before I finally decided to go ahead and sign up. I'm 20 year old art student from Cairo, Egypt. I've been bellydancing since I was four-ish. Always...