Male Belly Dancer SERKAN

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  • Hello, Serkan. I'm sorry that I've apparently not seen you here before, I don't know who in the world I missed you. I'm Farasha, and am pleased that you are a member here. Hope you had a wonderful weekend; take care. :)
    Could you please tell me your contact account such as facebook or hi5?

    I like your costume
    what do you call such a costume?
    I would like to get some information about it.

    Thank you so much
    thank you for adding me as your friend

    you could see my video here
    type gulab sahara in youtube
    pls give me a comment...

    nice to meet u
    gogogo Sultans!!
    Enjoy your workshop and performance in Thessaloniki!
    Haaa...., miss your lessons here in Belgium (but you will be back soon)
    Hello Serkan,
    Thankyou for your warm welcome.
    Smiles to you from Down Under.
    I saw you dance on your site.
    Bravo!!!!! What wonderful Isolation Technique you have.
    It was joyful to watch you dance.
    Smiles to you from Down Under.
    Lotus Dancer
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