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    one more! video from Tales of Sahara festival in Brno, CZ

    just received this one yesterday, recorded in Brno, Czech Republic bPRAQTaThPA And a clip with highlights of the whole show and rehearsals: Gt4a8fqeGxk It was a great festival to be part of, super organized, lovely artists who were part of it.
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    DREAMBOOTCAMP with AZIZA of USA/CA and ISSAM HOUSHAN in Belgium this July!

    Queenie and I are EXTREMELY excited about an upcoming event we will be co-hosting in Belgium soon :D Under the umbrella of QooKay Productions we are very proud and happy to present: DREAMBOOTCAMP in Aalst, BE, a fabulous weeklong rhythm-and-dance intensive plus hafla on July 1-7th 2013 with...
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    new videos added

    Hello! I've added some videos to my channel from recent shows, hope you'll enjoy! Wings AAOplAeWse4 Magency r6gzAlj_tls Melaya/Iskanderany duo with Magdy el Leisy.. This one always makes me smile :D Fess5Fcjn-E Veil dance - modern qJe5JpwH04M
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    New instructional DVDs! Shimmies and Isis wings with Khalida

    Hello all, Hope this is the right place to post this, I am very proud and excited about announcing the release of my brand-new 2 instructional DVDs 'Shimmies with Khalida' and 'Isis wings with Khalida'. The official release date is 15th of August, but both DVDs are already available for...
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    new videoclip online!

    just got this video from a hafla performance, it was recorded during our RAKS August Summerschool in Belgium 2 weeks ago. My 'backup dancers' had learned this choreo in the July edition, so I asked them to chip in :D Hope you enjoy! YouTube - Khalida drum solo - RAKS 2010
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    Celebrating Dance festival - Okt 2010!

    Just saw the new website of Celebrating Dance festival :D Yasmina of Cairo will be the star teacher of 2010, and both me and Artemisia are chosen to be this year's featured guest dancers/teachers, woohoo! Check it out: Teachers at the 2010 festival
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    Oslo 1001 nighs Festival!

    Woohoo! :D I'll be teaching and performing in Oslo this April yay! See website The event is called '1001 nights festival', organized by Siri Ydstie of Norway, with main guest star Diana Tarkhan!! :dance: The workshop schedule can be found here: MAGEDANS Anyone from this forum going...
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    Performing in Athens

    Just got this new video, taken at a performance in Athens last week *waves at Maria* :cool: There's a drumsolo bit at the end! <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
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    new youtube! drum solo

    Hi all, I have a new youtube videoclip up, taken at an event in Amsterdam 2 weeks ago. The music used is 'African Drum Solo' from CD 'Aheb Masr' It's only a short snippet, taken with a small photocam, hope to have the full DVD version soon. Hope you enjoy! <object width="425"...
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    RAKS - Razia, Artemisia and Khalida Summerschool 2010

    Since last year's event sold out in no time, we will be organizing TWO RAKS Summerschools in Belgium this year, woohoo! Last year we had visitors from Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK, so this year we hope to welcome at least as many international students again! The dates are 1-2-3-4 July...
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    Magdy EL Leisy workshops in Würselen, near Aachen!

    The fabulous Magdy El Leisy will be teaching 2 workshops in Würselen (near Aachen) on Sunday, Marchy, yay :D Not to be missed! Date Sunday, 28th March 2010 Time/Workshop theme * 11.00-13:00h Modern Balady * 14:00-16:00h Classical Oriental Location Khalida's Belly Dance Studio Sarossy...
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    Orientalicious BD party in Amsterdam!

    Saturday 30th of January 2010 Aisa Lafour & ZoukLovers present "ORIENTALICIOUS" Bellydance Party Attention, location changed!! The bellydance event will be at 2 Dance 4 (Uitgaanscentrum van Galen) in Amsterdam 17:00-19:00h Showteam Audition (by Amarin Bellydance team, by Aisa Lafour) In...
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    Dancing in the UK - Khalida

    Just got the DVD of Fantasia, yay! This is one of the dances I performed there: YouTube - Khalida Bellydance - Fantasia Festival Dec '09
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    Fantasia festival

    Got back from Fantasia festival this Monday and I really had an excellent time! I taught two workshops: one on Isis wings on Saturday, which was a bit of a challenge space-wise (17 sets of wings in action!), but we managed okay I think. The workshop on Sunday was just awesome! We shimmied...
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    New videoclip

    Just got a new video from my performance at the Suhaila show in Belgium this weekend. It's recorded in low-resolution unfortunately, hope to be able to upload a higher-resolution version soon! o9NGfsAop0U