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    Something every street corner needs

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    Seeking Soloing Advice

    Hello lovely dancers! I have always performed in a troupe with only an occasional a foray into the land of solo dancing. My teacher, who is brilliant and certain to see this post, feels it is time for me to poke my head out of my troupe shell and start working on solos. :shok:(Yikes!) While...
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    Study Showing Belly Dancers Have Better Body Image:

    :cool: So, there have been several posts of the article about this study, but here is the actual study:
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    Respect for the Audience?

    I am not sure where this belongs, so please move it as needed. This is something that has been on my mind for several weeks now and I feel the need to knock it around. I have noticed, recently, a trend at a couple of shows that I find really disturbing. (Perhaps it has always been there and I...
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    In Search of Source for Tunisian Pottery

    Hi folks! I am looking for a source for a reasonable number of Tunisian Water Pots to use in folkloric dance. They seem to be impossible to find in the USA and every place I can find across the pond wants me to order a container-load -- as in shipping container load:shok:! I need 10 pots, not...
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    Worth More Than Money! Journey Through Egypt Archive

    Hi all - I am tossing this up as a reminder since there are only a couple days left to contribute to this invaluable project! Getting to the $20,000 goal will help get a fantastic translator involved and make sure more voices from Egypt are heard loud and clear...
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    Apologies and a prayer?

    A thousand hugs and much love. So sorry to hear this.
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    Translation needed for 'Ala Honak version by Clauda Chemali

    Hi all! I am looking for a translation of this version of 'Ala Honak. I have been all over the interweb with no luck! Any thoughts? Thanks in advance! BCvxWGbruGI
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    Saroyan Tuks on EBAY 3-6-2013 by it now $40!

    I just saw a set of Brass Tuks go up on Ebay with a by it now of $40. I don't need these, but someone out there must! Saroyan Finger Cymbals | eBay And they are gone! Hope they found a good home!
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    Teachers in Louisville, KY, USA?

    I have a friend who is interested in starting classes. She lives in Louisville, KY and is a single mom with a 2 year old and she works full time, so she can't travel far for classes. She is the kind of person who is as much interested in the culture and history behind the dance as the dance...
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    Random Encounters with Bellydance Items

    I have a question for everyone about accessories and props, specifically how to identify the 'real thing' from a remake. I know that there are out there some highly sought after items in limited supply, but you never can tell when something is going to turn up in a thrift store or at a flea...
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    Classes while traveling

    Hi all. It is looking very much like I will be in San Deigo, CA in late April or early May 2013. I am an advanced beginner student of Egyptian style with a tiny bit of knowledge of some folkloric styles, Saidi, Kaleegi, Ghawazee. I would very much like to take a class or two while I am in CA...
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    Hello everyone! I have been following the forums for a number of years and have finally stopped lurking and actually joined. I live in the NC mountains and have been studying the dance for about 5 years now. I am an advanced beginner ;) with a ton still to learn and I look forward to...