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  • Hi, Eden... Hey, that's a new avatar you have since the last time I was in here. Quite alluring! :)
    bedlah? Stupid question most likely but what is a bedlah? It was snowing today but it was not cold enough for it to stay. I'll have the pics up here as soon as I get them done and back from the photographer.
    Thank you :) Those were taken over the summer. I got great plans for some winter ones once we get snow that will stay on the ground.
    aweeee....thanks sooo much for your kind words and compliments.
    Yes I do travel for workshops. Where do you live? maybe we can arrange something soon ;)
    Hi Eden Eyes hope Claudette left you alone. Also hoping Bill leaves us all alone too. Here in Long Island we worry about hurricanes and tropical storms too ( being a lofty 13-14 ft above sealevel). Stay safe now that hurricane season seems to have really started. Linda aka Creaks
    Hiya, eden. I really liked your observation in the word game thread about "amazon" being an attitude. I think your assertion is true. I wanted to say something in the thread, but it might look like I was hijacking the thread, so, I'm choosing to put it in open conversation that everybody can see, as I wouldn't want you to think I was trying to "move" on you.

    Historically speaking, women that were strong, or were able to take full control of their environment were called "butch", or other terms not quite so polite. Enter the legend of "Amazon Women", who would use men for their ... purposes, and cast them aside when they were no longer needed. The modern "amazon" is a woman who has control of her life, who is not afraid to knock down barriers and go beyond just daring to be strong. Anybody that knows me knows that I have a great amount of respect for women who are strong, both physically and mentally. This includes ladies like female bodybuilders, ballet dancers, and belly dancers (not a complete list). I've even noticed that there is some crossover in these areas, as some of the belly dancers here in the forum pump a little iron. As well, many pursue several forms of dance. And, if you have every observed competitive female bodybuilders, a lot of dance is involved. Anyway, the bottom line of this little disseration is, you and your bestie may, indeed, be "amazon", as you are undoubtedly strong, have strong opinions about yourself and where you are going. :clap:
    hi lady - i must send you the booty box - can you pm me your addy please? My inbox ate alosha's email where she sent it.
    Reading notes about BD costumes in various places besides this forum, I understand that the really excellent costume probably isn't bought ready-made. Rather, it is one that is very diligently and carefully put together, especially by and/or for the individual dancer. So, I can believe your having 3 others that you are working on. They have to be "just right" and "just you". In my estimation, that's all a part of the art. That all sounds serious, but I've also noticed that for a lot of dancers, they enjoy it. There's a philosophy, there: If what you're doing isn't fun anymore, find something else to do. I get the distinct impression, that you're having a lot of fun. :dance::clap::dance::clap:
    Hi Honey, im owner of a disco and night club in baku and looking for a group of singers and dancers preferly rasian and Ukrainian. if u r interested please send me an email to toomajt@hotmail.com
    Actually, the 'double e' might work for some more bra humor ;)... Okay, eden it is. I'm sure as time passes, you'll have a great album. Things like that take time, circuiting through the hairstyles, makeup styles, costumes, etc.
    Hi, double e! Thanks for your invite to be friends. I'm sure that, together, we can keep everybody amused with our little quips about underwear, thongs, and such. :lol: BTW, love your album pic.
    ok then. I can give you a teacher discount if they want to buy too! For navy and silver, you could do almost anything. Pink or white would be a nice pop of color, even maybe a subtle blue or teal. Really with navy nearly anything would be nice.
    I can do a troupe discount for you if any of the students want to get their own veil...
    Hella dear thank you for you message. dont worry when ou deside on one i will make for you very spesial price, i will need just about 2 weeks to make one
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