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  • Åh tack så jättemycket! Vad roligt at du tyckte om dem. Ja ,jag kan ta beställningar, beroende på vad det är.
    Har du nån idé om vad du vil göra med applikationerna i skattkistan? Jag är nyfiken :)
    *hugs!* You're welcome, Daimona. Sorry about my pm box! ^^;; People send such sweet, lovely messages, and, well, I'm such a sentimental sap, I hate deleting them! ^^;;; Have a wonderful weekend. :)
    Thank you so much for helping me explore and find a style that fits me, Daimona; I appreciate it very much. :)
    Hey there! Just wanted to stop by and see if you got my message answering your questions. The forum has eaten some that I have sent in the past.

    Happy Shimmies!
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