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  • We had the wettest May 17 ever (i.e. since they started measuring precipitation in 1893). A French colleague of mine who arrived just a couple of months ago was wondering if everyone had been drinking before the parades (he himself had started with a looong breakfast and some champagne with some friends and admitted being a bit tipsy), as everyone was happy and smiling and cheering, even if it was pouring down... :lol:
    In other words you have many reasons to celebrate! :D

    I've been celebrating with friends and family;
    A lot of volunteer organizations are having cafes and other events on May 17 for fundraising and I've spent most of the day during the parades working in a café.
    Later I joined the family for dinner.

    I hope you're having a great day as well! :)
    Hipp hipp hurra!
    Thank you! I just got home from town (have been out of the house for 12h now and need to rest). A nice day. :) Do you celebrate as well?
    Thank you very much, Linda!
    As far as I know, all my family and friends are safe, but we are all in shock. And it is good to know that people all around the world cares. Once again, thank you!
    Car is going well now that it is repaired. I haven't been reading the thread, what happened to your knee?
    Aw, gosh, Creaks.... A belated thanks ... I've been about other things, and just now logged in here to see your message. For the record, it was a fun day.
    EEE!!! I'm buying a brand new 2010 hyundai accent hatchback tomorrow! If everything goes right I should have it by the afternoon. :)
    haha the idol thing is neck and neck. Its so exciting to me to watch the numbers change.
    Thank you too Sita, yes I did have a really good one. A snow storm even missed us on the day we were celebrating my day and all my friends made it and I cooked a whole Turkish meze selection. :) Linda
    Thank you for your lovely message, it was really thoughtful. I had a wonderful birthday.
    I also hope you had a great one on the 4th of Feb. Happy Belated Birthday from me:[IMG]
    much love Sita
    I hope you get some good weather for your dinner. Sounds quite tasty :) Ha ha! those "whippersnappers" had better get out of your way- what a visual! Have a great time!
    HAH! I did it. I did a photoshoot during the first storm of the season. We got 15inch of snow sunday and I was out dancing in them. However I realized as much as I tried, I could not stop myself from making faces in the wind and snow. LOL I'll have to practice more next time.
    Thanks! I have two goals currently; to make one of those triangle crocheted scarves and to crochet some shisha mirrors. Regular doily stuff just doesn't interest me much. My mother loaded me a large hook and I've established I can do a chain... and a square... anything more then that is an accomplishment right now though.
    Thanks. I was wondering how professional others saw them as. One of my friends said I look like a belly dance nature goddess. Her skirt made out of the grass and ground, her veil made from the ocean and sky.
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