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  • Hi!
    Just wanted to say thank you very much for the rep a while back and wish you a pleasant week-end! :)
    Thank you for the rep! It's a pleasure to help - I've been sewing forever, and I don't believe I've followed a pattern in my life!
    :D Did you find the clips of Soheir Zaki? I think there's one where she's in green and one in beige with black fringing.

    It's a beautiful piece and fun to dance to with all the different sections, glad you like it too! :dance:

    I found your video (Belly dance Idol 2009 Nominees ) and I would really like to know what is the title of the song. Thanks!

    And your dance is very beautiful!

    Hi Honey, im owner of a disco and night club in baku and looking for a group of singers and dancers preferly rasian and Ukrainian. if u r interested please send me an email to
    Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. =) I'm not used to performing though, so I feel like I didn't do too great. My friend Anita has been performing for like... 4 years. She's the blonde. She's really amazing.
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