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  • Hey sweetie! How's everything? Yap. I have been pretty busy taking college and HS bball games. This is "March Maddness" and bball tournament season and many bball fan goes crazy this time. However, I still take Tarik's class twice a week unless he doesn't have class due to WS or performances.

    I hope you well, and if not mistaken, you got married right? Keep in touch and keep dancing honey!
    Yap. I have been busy for taking bball and American football photos (not rugby. US people don't play rugby) and going to some dance shows as well. I want to keep busy during the Holiday season.... ;-)

    I still take Tarik's class twice a week, and some other teachers for once or twice a week. So keep it busy baby!

    Congrat to your level 2! I'm happy for ya! Keep dancing baby!
    Thanks for your kind words on the video Angela - definitely not my best work though - i was so uncomfortable and it was completely unplanned - they called me at my office and said they wanted to do the interview in an hour and a half. I'll get better though and one day i'll show you guys a video i'm really proud of!
    Hey Girl!
    I think you move to New Zealand. How you like it? I assume NZ become Summer right? Green Xmas???? NY is getting cold as freezer baby :-( Enjoy the Summer (sounds strange....) LOL
    Hi Angela,
    Guess who's coming to aust????
    Rachel Brice....OMG.
    She is doing W/shops on the 29th Nov. A couple of choreo's.
    And students have the option to jam with her on the Sat. night with a live band.
    I've done w/shops with her b4 and she is an amazing teacher.
    Let's just say I am a little excited.
    Lotus Dancer.
    I know! I can't wait to go shopping and just RELAX!! Heheh. Plus I was asked just recently to be a candidate for Miss Baybay 2008. So I got that too to look forward to. Oh and my name is Finola =) Perth is ok but I'm getting bored here. I wanna go travelling. New Zealand sounds so exciting. Definitely going there one day! No, I don't teach belly dance. I've only been doing it for 3 years.
    Yea sure! I'm from Perth, Western Australia. I'm not from Cebu but I was born in Leyte. I go to Cebu for holidays sometimes which is cool and I'm going this December! I wanted to go to belly dance class there while my bf is at uni.
    You're from the Philippines? Wow wow wow, heard it's a beautiful place - never been there! You should really come to India!
    Hi sweety:) Such amaizing pictures U have! And I love ur belly dance class:) Looks so friendly:) Great pictures!
    Hey there,
    I will let you know when Zoe, Rachel and Mardi Love are here.
    It would be great for you to come to Aus, it's a beautiful place. I think the w/shops will be about 5 hrs from me. I wouldn't miss them for anything.
    I will keep you posted.
    I'm away for a week, off to sunny QLD!!! Chat soon.
    Lotus Dancer
    Hey Lovely Lady,
    Yes the Indian skirt with the peacock sequins is beautiful. It looks sensational under lighting as the sequins just shimmer.
    In our troop we do a tribal fusion piece and we are all in the sequined skirts. It's stunning.
    So you're getting a costume made. Wow how special.
    And feather inspired. It will be just Beautiful.
    The peacock feathers make me feel very feminine, even though our fusion routine is quite a dominant one, the pretty skirts bring a feminine apsect to our routine.
    I read that you are a special needs teacher. What a wonderful job you do.
    I could tell by your posts that you were very caring though. That's the Aquarian in you.
    Have you been dancing? I've just taught a couple of beginners w/shops in Wangaratta. Loads of fun. They were a great bunch of Ladies.
    Hopefully Rachel Brice, Zoe and Mardi Love will be out here next year. A teacher from Canberra is organising it. Fingers crossed.
    Smiles to you,
    Lotus Dancer
    thanks sweety, yes, I have the idea to travel anyway, searching for other work and same time looking for dance,i will write now to u cousin.
    My boyfriend its ok about dance, the problem if the brothers dont like, and the big brother finn and offer for him, so they want i go later, when he has house for me..or save..or find job also for me, but i dont like the idea cause I can travel i dont want to separate for months and thr weight of family..will be big, maybe, as im dancer,..i ont know, just i want travel, and im against what they think, so my boyfriend also feell between what i want and what brother wants, but its my live ,I not let anyone choose for me, thats why im trying by myself,( they are from Lebanon)..and u live where Angela?
    Hi Angela:

    You can see my articles on my website at and you can read others on Morocco's website. There should be a link to it from mine. My most recent article on the subject is in The BElly ance Book by Taz Richards. Don't know where you could get a copy, but you should be able to find it online. Aslo check out my video clips on youtube. I have 2 blogs and a couple of interviews. Let me know if you can't find the clips.

    P.S: Your bones look just fine. You probably just need to relax more. Do the move slowly so you gradually build up the muscle strength and that will allow you to increase the speed over time.
    i know nothing about belly dancing yet.. and.. ill message you if i can go to cebu.. <_<.. a bit impossible though.. <_< unless we move there.. <_< and yeah.. ill try to find that on ebay or local markets here.. ^___^ thanks for the invitation.. and i probably cant face you.. LOL.. not that i dont want to.. im just shy towards people. ^__^. thanks anyway.. ^__^.. and.. trust me.. your body look awesome. ^_^.. ciao~
    oh.. i thought you are a BD instructor.. *sigh*.. Going to cebu.. that my friend,is i dont know.. but cebu's not that far from here.. ill think about it.. and.. how i found this site .. the power of GOOGLE.. ^_______^ .. ciao!~
    OMG .. mabuhay.. :p aheem... im from mindanao, make that, Ozamiz City in Mindanao.. ^___^.. ur bisaya right?.. o_O? your teaching belly dancing?.. OMG.. i need one. :p
    hi there. ^__^.. where are you in the philippines?.. coz im from the philippines too.. im looking for a BD teacher.. really.. T__T..
    Hi Lotus,

    Yes I'm happy that NZ is also big on the BD scene! Adiemus from Christchurch has really been a precious gem about NZ belly dancing (and other matters) and I will surely try a class in her school with the impressive Kashmir here as the instructor.

    The Contemporary School of Bellydance, also based in Christchurch, and which is nearer to my home there, emailed me all of the information and details about their classes. I'm thrilled!

    Wow, you dance all the types of belly dancing! And you're an instructor! So in case my lovey and I will go to Australia, I'll attend one of your classes, yipeee! Where in Oz are you, Lotus? I wish you could post more photos of your classes and dances there! Would love to dance with you but mind you, you're waaaay above me, I'm just a beginner and I don't even know what style I will study, hahaha!

    OMG, Rachel Brice! I was spellbound by her video. Her style is Tribal Fusion like yours, right? Do tell me what Tribal Fusion is like. What I know is it's slower and more snake-like than other dance styles and the costumes are mostly black. Did I get it right? Haha! Pardon my ignorance.

    I'll look forward to your news about the big stuff in belly dance happening there.

    Take care and chat soon! :)

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