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  • Ms. Alosha,
    Just wanted to drop by and say Thank You....I got the veil!!!! It's beautiful! - it even smells pretty. I'm going to have to get some pics up once my tatt is completely filled (hopefully just one more session) in so I can show just how color coordinated I can be :)
    BTW - love the new pic of you. Those flowers are adorable!
    Hi Alosha, thanks for accepting my friend request, im new to this,so how long have you been doing belly dance? linda x
    Hi Alosha. Anasuma (member of Bellyqueen) is one of my teachers (not reguler, but sometimes sub of Kaeshi of Bellyqueen when Kaeshi is away from NY). She is lovely teacher and great fusion dancer. I usually take her Oriental class not "Belly Popping" class. She gave me really good "reverse undulation" tip and I got it, but still strugling with it.... I have a lot of problem with reverse undulation anyway... :( She is good Oriental dancer too. I'm sure you'll enjoy her "Belly Popping" instractional DVD. ;)

    there was some sort of e-mail problems yesterday, but not because my box was full. Good thing you can always reach me here.

    Thank you! Reenie did a good job. :D

    Yes, I'm sorry I haven't been able to be on for more than a few minutes the past few days. We're getting ready for inventory at work (AAAAAAARGHHHH!!!), and when I come home, I'm so worn out. Today, my boss gave me the assignment of going through every movie on the shelves to make sure each one is the movie that's supposed to be there in each particular spot. You wouldn't believe how goofed-up our movies are... -_-

    I need to wait another three weeks before I can order my veil. I'm still in hock with my hubby for $100 (it was $300). We owe the state over $600 in taxes this year, and Hubby saidy he needed help this year, so we're both going halvsies on taxes. My next payday is exactly a week from today, but then the check after that is free and clear! :D I get paid every two weeks, so I can send you a money order then, if money orders are all right. I don't have a PayPal account, since my personal bank account is only a savings account (and it still hasn't recovered from Christmas and the ren faire in January). So there's no hurry to make my veil. Let me know if money orders are okay. Thank you very much, alosha!

    I've been trying to spring-clean our stupid apartment, so that's why I haven't made any more posts in my blog lately. Work and home are driving me crazy. -_-
    Hi, alosha, sorry about my inbox! I'm such a horrible packrat, I hate deleting pm's because I have such a short memory, so I tend to keep pm's like I would cherished letters or Christmas cards. I did finally delete some older messages (ouch!), but thought I might ought to post here. Anyway, I've been doing a bit of thinking about color, and thinking about what costumes I already own, I'd love a versitile veil, but I'm just not sure what you would want to do. My favorite colors are jewel colors, like bright sapphire blue, emerald green, and amethyst purple. I also love black, hot pink, and "peacock" colors, as well as wine colors, as opposed to just plain red (although I love rose red and blood red---wait, are those wine colors? oO; lol). I have a purple choli and skirt set, a black-and-silver coin bra and 10 yard skirt set (with black-and-silver Lurex rose patterned harem pants to go underneath the skirt), a green chiffon skirt I can wear with my gold caberet bra and belt (although I'm also aching for a silver set, and a peacock set), and some other odds and ends costume pieces in my favorite colors. I've made a few veils, but of course, I buy all my material at Wal-Mart, so even though I've got some lovely fabrics, they are, um, *coughinexpensivecough*. We never get any silk fabric in our store, and I'm not sure if our Hancock's carries silk.

    I've never had a half-circle veil (well, I've never had a silk veil, either!); do you know how to make them? As for length, I prefer working with longer veils (most of mine are at least 3 yards long). Any suggestions?
    Thank you for the Friendship request. I am honoured to accept! Great photos by the way:D
    You're welcome, deciding not to perform yet is a very good decision. Just have fun learning about the dance and work towards becoming the best you can be. Performing will come when time is right. Keep us posted!
    Naaaaah, you're not a dork; you're really cool! :D How are you doing? I've got a few more vids to put up, but have been too busy/tired/lazy. XD We've got an indoor ren faire coming up this Saturday, and I'm really excited, especially since my daughter is going this year, too! ^^ I'll post pix and (hopefully) vids this weekend.
    A very good beginning, Alosha! Keep up with ur blogs:) I've commented on ur blog by the way:) I'm gypsyAmrita on youtube:)
    WOO-HOO, good for you, alosha! :D I'm very proud of you. I'm going to work on mine later this evening, but first I want to see your blog post. This is going to be a lot of fun, and I hope we'll all benefit from each other's support and help. :)
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