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  • sadly i don't have a troupe lol!! but i just saw one of your veils that you made for nightdancer and it took my breath away!! once i get my next pay check in...i think i'll have to buy one for myself from thee!!

    my "troupe" is just a bunch of mainly middle-aged ladies at a clinic. my class is scheduled to be only a six week course. however, i will be bringing in my veil to the class next tues. for veil work and I will give them all your website so they can consider buying from you. i'm sure they would absolutely love it.

    btw, i have a deep navy blue costume i'm working on and it has little silver gemstones all over it and i'm adding silver beads. what color(s) do you think would compliment it really well??
    Hi lady!

    The veils were just beautiful at the wedding this weekend. The wedding planner promised to send me some pics so i'll pass them along to you when she does. =)
    I'm so glad to hear your husband got another job; I know that's a major relief. Hope your new business venture is continuing to go well. I'll get my veil ordered as soon as possible. :)

    Gee, I forgot to log out last night! ^^;;
    I sure did. I was away on business, got back a few hours ago. I will have the photos to you in about an hour. Thank you again, I am really excited.

    Attendance is really down at Powers this year so it may not be cost effective for you to come for the Barter Fair.

    seems like the economy is really effecting people.

    Hi, alosha, how are you? I'm sorry I haven't touched base with you in a while. A lot of stressful...stuff... has been going on, not just here, but on my job, too. I'm hoping it all gets resolved soon, so things can get back to normal. How are things with you?
    I found this place by accident when looking for instructions on altering a bra to make a bra top.

    LOL, I figured you would be on here.
    Invoice paid - finally! I'm sorry it took so long; no one needs to wait for money in these hard times. Deepest apologies
    You are a woman and artist after my own heart! Decorate those shoes before you hang them on your tree! Have you ever heard of a spirit tree? It is a tree hung with glass bottles that are meant to catch and/or confuse maladjusted spirits.
    Sorry to hear you and the kids have been ailing -- don't forget to have salsa. Germs can't live in the hot stuff!
    Aww thanks, now if I only knew what that was or where to find one!! HAHA! You wouldn't have a website where I could find one would you??

    My main teacher is Tarik, so my main style is Egyptian. However, I like Kaeshi's style as well. (Tarik likes Kaeshi's dance too) However, I'm not big fan of ATS, so when Kaeshi teaches ATS, I don't take classes. I think Kaeshi is very talented Oriental dancer. She can dance many different styles, and actually I like her AmCab style more than ATS or Bellypopping. She teaches all different kinds of it, so other than Egyptian and ATS, I take her class to add my variety of style.

    I'm not big fan of veil, but I love Kaeshi's veil work. She is very good with veil. I love Tito, but I don't like his veil work, because too dynamic and it wasn't graceful like Kaeshi.
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