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  • Happy Birthday! Here's hopes for many, many more. Have a fun day! :dance::clap:
    ...You make me think: Maybe it's time for me to change my profile/avatar pics. Lemme see... first, I gotta get some pictures taken...

    Anyway, I think your new pics are quite nice. I gotta agree with Mya on the hair.
    It's Carolyn Jackson's "Color Me Beautiful Makeup Book." It really helped me learn what colors look good with my complexion, and it got me away from that gosh-awful salmon and peach colors that look lovely on a Spring person, but not on me (thanks loads, Mom...). XD
    Hi, alosha! How are you? I was typing this message, but keep touching wrong buttons, and opening up new tabs, or erasing my message! >_< This new laptop keyboard is driving me crazy. >>

    Hope you're doing fine. What's new? :)
    Thank you so much. It's hard right now coz she was only 40 and had both breast and brain cancer and also lung. No hair, no breasts, so much grace and courage. It was a real privilege to have known her. xx
    Providing yourself the opportunity to review the emailed comments, at your leisure, is good thinking. Less stressful than having open posting, which can, sometimes, get out of hand... :rolleyes:
    Hi Alosha. I just cruised by your web site. It's getting better and better! Adding the blog, I think, might humanize things for some of your clients.
    I know: we're slowly taking over the world..... That's why I'm Amulya Bellydance (ineresting family name isn't it?)
    You're welcome :), and no I couldn't find you on Facebook, you use another name on there?
    Thank you! ^^ I put some new pics up in my bellydance pics album (or is it "bellydance costumes"? I don't remember at the moment oO). I did a short performance at work in the front parking lot last Thursday to help with a fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network. There's video, but the girl who shot it messed with the zoom on my camera and got too close. That's why I haven't put it up. -_-
    Hi, alosha! I'm glad to see you online. *hugs!* :) Your dance photos are beautiful.

    *sigh* My teacher is taking a hiatus from teaching, so my friends are going to start going to her teacher's class. I'm hoping my boss will let me rearrange my schedule (again oO). Wish me luck.
    eheh.. :) well, lets agree... I will make a similar headwear as the one in the picture and you make the rest of the costume...:p we will have a perfect piece then and will share it... :D lol Kisses dear!! :)
    Salve Alosha! :) I just could not stay silent... I LOVE your costume... you look absolutely stunning dear!! :)) Have a nice day.. :)
    Heyyoooo Alosha! How are you doing? You look so pretty in your costume and your tattoo is AMAZING! I love dragon flies. Hope to hear from you soon! =)

    The photographers from the wedding did the veil photo in b/w or sepia. That's no show for your lovely work =(
    ok well i'm thinking about having you make a crimson one for me...but don't start on it yet! next pay check, and i look at my budget, i'll let you know for sure :)
    ohh yeah! that would be great! i love pink, but i have a sunset color veil that is primarily orange with splashes of pink, so i would like a diff color. white is nice and classic and could match practically anything...

    how do you think crimson would look?
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