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  • Hi ababalond, I see from one of your threads that you are looking for a modern egytians style teacher- i can heartedly reccomend Shafeek Ibrahim who is based in London- I do workshops with him when I can but he is too far for me to study with regularly. He is Egyptian, and a great dancer,
    good luck with your search!
    Dear Ababalond'
    We are pleased to invite you to the International Khamsin Festival, which will take place in Aci Bonaccorsi -Sicily from
    the 16th to 18th July 2010.
    This Festival will welcome world renowned Oriental and Indian dances instructors such as Dr. Geddawi, Amir Thaleb, Aziza Abdul Ridha, Diana Tarkhan, Nathalie, Lolie, Les Soeurs Tribales, Mistri, Ailema...etc..
    The event aims to promote cultural exchange and dialogue between Eastern and Western countries through music, images and words, in order to foster the integration toward appreciating our own identity and differences.
    For further information, please feel free to contact our Booking office at: +39 3473061988 or visit our website:
    Please have a look to our special offers and to our extraordinary dance competition & awards.

    We will be greatly honored by your presence.

    We look forward to hearing from you,

    Best wishes,

    Thanks for the friends request my first...lol. Keep dancing can't wait to see more vids that you post.
    Thanks for the friend request. Hope you enjoy being a member here, you seem to be becoming as addicted as most of us are:lol:
    you are more than welcome:D. I just responded to your wonderful and heartfelt thread. I'm sorry though, that your first experience of the forum was.. shall we say 'difficult' (it can't have been a nice experience for you).. here is, instead, to many more great forum posts and threads on bellydance in the near future:dance:
    Sita :)

    P.S Great photo
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