"The Veiled Male"
Cute dance! I would have been looking for the camera person with a stick though...


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No kidding! What the heck is it about videographers and their inability just to point a camera at a dancer and leave it there?


"The Veiled Male"
Anytime you get a group of 2 or more Belly Dancers who have been dancing longer than about 6 weeks, you can be sure there will be a bitchfest about videographers if the subject happens to come up! Its happened to all of us. One of our local festivals had video that was SO bad for several years - and they finally found someone who actually knew how to operate a damn camera and we were SO VERY happy! This paragon of camera operation just happened to be a woman - AND a dancer! Unfortunately, the festival folded a couple of years later - after 30 years.

I could write about 30 megabytes of diatribe about what has happened to just my own videos, but aside from kvetching about the one that cut my hands off at the exact wrong point of my dance, I'll spare everyone the pain - including myself! :protest::mad::wall::mad::mad::mad:
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I love her energy. Although I do keep wanting to hand her a million bucks and the phone numbers of the world's best designers so I can see her in a costume that does her dancing justice. It sucks when your budget doesn't meet your dance skills.