Wrong costume?


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Would this be an example of someone wearing the wrong costume for the style of dance? Her dance seems fusion tribal, but her outfit looks Turkish... it was confusing to watch!

YouTube - Christa Belly Dance
Yes it does look like the kind of bedlah you'd wear for a Turkish number. It certainly isn't belly dance music. So it seems a bit of a miss-match. However we don't know the context..she may have been asked to dance to the music. That's the trouble with Youtube, you never seem to get the whole story.
I'd love to see her belly dance as she looks like she'd be capable of doing so and has an envious figure.


I just watched a little of it. The dance style is Tribal fusion and her interpretation looks like there is a lot of Zoe Jakes inspiration in there. I love Zoe. The costume should correlate to the style. A straight up Oriental costume just didn't work for a tribal fusion piece, for me. She looks like she is in a regular nightclub, maybe breaking the band, since there is a drum set behind her so yeah who knows what the whole picture is. Maybe she did an Oriental piece just before and costume change for the next song was not possible...

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Yeah, you definitely don't get the whole story from Youtube sometimes.

Thanks for the info. I'm trying to learn and understand as much as I can online for now 'cause I don't start my first class for another two weeks.


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Yeah, sometimes you have to do two different dances of differing styles back to back with no chance for a costume change so you end up wearing not quite the right thing.


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I'm so trivial: kept thinking "Darn! I wished I looked like that in a backlit costume."

I suspect not enough time to change. :cool:


I like the costume, only distracting that you can see her legs. She could have tribal-ed it up a bit, but I agree: we don't know the context, why not ask her, she might have a nice story to share :)