Who is still dancing, where, and what kind?


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...suitable for drones and other interchangeable people.
You know some of those "drones" like wearing those clothes. My husband loves ties. So much so that when we were first married his supervisor had to ask him to stop wearing them to work everyday because those who didn't want to wear a tie were afraid the owners of the company would see him and decide everyone else should start wearing them too. He just got 7 new ones in the last month between fathers day gifts and personal purchases and he's very happy.

And I have to admit I love seeing him in a tie. He just looks so dignified. :)


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I don't blame the supervisor. I once worked for a company that "suddenly" decided that assembly dept. leads needed to wear neckties. I told my boss at the time, "I know this applies to a completely different division of the company, but crap like this has a tendency of spreading. If it spreads to me, I'm GONE!". Fortunately, it never did.

Good for your hubby if he likes them, but horses for courses as the saying goes. I wouldn't deny him the right to wear them if he likes them, no more than I'd put up with somebody telling me I can't wear a skirt! But as for ties - and suits - I myself see nothing good about the darn things, and think they look very stupid and don't reflect well on the mentality of the wearer. Many years back, the few times I wore one I found it to be a humiliation - I can't help but think that way. Conformity and being/looking the same as everybody else just isn't my strong suit (no pun) - hence my comments about "drones", add to it "stuffed shirts". Its just insanity to "require" men to wear this crap - thank Goddess its dying at LAST!

I think the very last time I wore one was to my sister-in-law's wedding, I chauffeured them from the church to the reception. When I went to park the car, it was a question, "Do I shut the car off first, or take this damn thing off from around my neck first?" The car idled for another minute or so while I divested myself of the noose. That was in the mid 90s sometime - haven't worn one since. And won't. NEVER AGAIN.

This is the best thing to do with a necktie collection - I made myself a very similar skirt, but can't find the picture at the moment:

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Kilts have nothing to do with fashion and everything to do with culture, whether inherited or adopted.

Warning for those adopting the culture: Don't run with bagpipes. You might get kilt or put an aye out.


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Me! I am an instructor of online Polynesian dance classes. I’m not performing at shows at the moment due to COVID, but I’m really enjoy teaching my students the fundamentals from home.
Cool! Welcome! I'm interested in learning at some point. I'm currently taking a weekly beginner's tribal fusion belly dance class , but I'm also interested in learning the hula as well as belly dance.
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I am pretty much and always have been an Egyptian style dancer but I would also classify myself as AmCab to a degree. I favor the vintage style plus I throw in a little Greek from time to time. What I HATE is when dancers fuse Polynesian into Middle Eastern dance, as I am also a Polynesian dancer, and I find fusing the two disrespectful to both cultures.