...When he doesn't approve of the costume


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---what do you do when you've made a lovely costume that has mesh panels down the side, but Manly Jack (man of my dreams) disapproves of me wearing it because I'd need to wear no knickers...
Now it's a long dress, slim fitting so the skirt won't fling out and show anything that shouldn't be seen - but Manly Jack is stunned to think I would venture on stage without me bloomers on.
What would you do???


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Make bloomers.

I understand you can take a pair, cut the sides out, and replace the sides with clear straps and it works fine.


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My manly Jack doesn't worry about my mesh sided Eman..the mesh is substantial (like myself) Emphasise how substantial mesh is;)


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Tell him

he will be the only one to know about! you will explain to others who will ask, that you wear a special kind of... if he does not change hid mind, tell him the following saying

Women and cats will live as they please, and men and dogs will have to get along with this idea....


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Easy get a thong. You can get ones now with vary narrow or string like side straps. I tjink they be easy to hide underneath the very top semeline of your costume.

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Yes - a flesh coloured thong with thin transparent side straps (like they have on some bras) and possibly this on the back strap as well. I have one and it works on everything, even cut outs, as long as you are prepared to move it up and down a bit to where it it least likely to show (and it really wont show - unless someone comes up that close that you want to slap them! :lol:)


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See, I'm not usually brave enough either, but then I was encouraged by the photo's of the beautiful dresses thread, and thought I couldn't see anything on those that looked like knickers...and getting just a touch worried because the mesh is black but you can definitely see the knicker line. I do like the idea of clear plastic, now to go find some!