We are back!


Wow, after a long down time... Bellydanceforums is up and running. I'm afraid that the few people who were still coming may have wandered off for good after being offline for so long. If anyone is out there and still up for foruming, let's do it!


What in tarnation happened?!?
The disk space was 100% full! and the load was like 300. I'm embarrassed to say really but there were copies of back up's of the database that were eating it up. After we got hacked in '06 I set the database to make a copy each day so we would not loose everything like we did then. Anyway for the last couple years I've been on this last host they get deleted but some braniac didn't think to dump the trash. It was in a hidden folder and I didn't see it... so the back ups were not getting deleted from the trash and they ate up all the room. Once we figured out what it was, easy fix.


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Ah, the infamous 2006 hack. I'd been around for a couple or three years before that. Amazing how much time I've spent here and all the fine people I've met both online and in person. Hope we can entice others back from the mishmash that is Facebook. Just can't have the same kinds of interactions and access to old threads containing good information on FB.


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Well I'm glad we're back.

I just wondered because the last time I couldn't get on for a week when I finally did there were tons of posts I'd missed.