Warm up


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How long do you warm up before dancing? Do you do it before performing? Do you do the same routine every time? What do you do in your warm up?


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Warm up is according to what will happen after.
For a class for example, I give certain warmup as the subject of the class.
Ofcourse there is a general warm-up everytime, with breathing, stretching, fast warmup (cardio), etc.

For a performance a short 5 min warm-up is at least necessery. If the dancer is gonna do something extra-ordinary (like a deep back bend) its NEEDED a very good warm-up of the spine etc.

Advice, never ever dance without a warmup, for class or performance.

Maria Aya:)

Mihrimah Ghaziya

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Hi !

In class, I always make the same warm-up with my students, alwyas on the same music, it's like a ritual.
I make a quick part, which is choreographed, where the arms, the shoulders, the coordination and the ankles are trained.
Then, I warm up on the floor
-torso and hips
-back of the tigh
-front of the thigh
-immer thigh

Before a performance I try to mobilise the same muscles, without rolling on the floor...:)

Gia al Qamar

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Class warm ups are head to toe.
For me as a performer, even in the SMALLEST of backstage areas, I will do a full back stretch, front and back thigh, neck and warm up my rotator cuffs (in the shoulders). If I have a (sigh) dressing room, I do a more lengthy warm up and hit all the areas where I'll need the greatest range of motion, like my hip flexors etc.
BTW...I also do a full warm up at home before leaving if time permits...I find that when I'm due to dance somewhere where they have no time or room for warm-ups, the pre-warm up really helps!


I do a cardio warm up that lasts 10 minutes. It begins at a gentle speed and gradually increases in intensity as each minute passes. I do a pulse in place, lifting the heels off the floor alternately, an undulating walk, walk in releve, a saidi step that I travel with, quick step together step, grape vine, shimmy, fast walk in releve, and a pulse in place double time... Before performance I do some ballistic stretches after I warm up.


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At home, I bounce on a small trampoline to music for 10-20 minutes. It gets the juices flowing and loosens up my muscles nicely. Plus, it's fun, and it's hard to stay grouchy when you're bouncing!