Vintage Red and Black Bedlah and Skirt

Greek Bonfire

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$110. Bra size 34B, Upper hip size 34, lower hip size 36. Also included is a head piece that goes across the forehead and a bracelet, all made of the same material, long and short fringe. I have been told this bedlah was originally owned by Ozel Turkbas. The durability is spectacular, very strong. Skirt is 40 inches but it can be rolled up smoothly and easily. It is silky smooth, no slits. Price does not include shipping.

Ozel Bedlah.jpgFotia Red Back.jpg22199389_10214622498496393_279764094_o - Copy.jpg22243476_10214622490216186_834849149_o.jpg22218089_10214622488896153_1783249162_o (1) - Copy.jpg22219484_10214622489576170_2085434040_o (1).jpgRed Skirt.jpg
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